Shawnee Rae 2 kids; Alaska 18 posts
27th Jun '12
Quoting Pillowpants is a SLUT:" I posted something very similar to this in Nov. here is the thread ... [snip!] ... signs. Its scary to think that I could have left my children. I was sick. But I found the light at the end of the tunnel."

I know exactly what you felt!, im in fact going thru it myself for the second time, i have a 16 month old and a 2 week old... i feel like im invisible.

Amber Marie Weaver Due June 6; Japan 1 posts
28th Jun '12

After i had my son mason i started getting very emotional and it has not gone away i even get frustrated sometimes cause i cant handle the screaming and crying at all. it sucks cause i love my son but sometimes i wish it was just all go away i wanna be happy that i have a handsome healthy baby boy but i dont know what to do!! this is my first kid and i need some tips someone please help me!!

Bella_Chelle 17 kids; Pennsylvania 5415 posts
28th Jun '12
Quoting Amber Marie Weaver:" After i had my son mason i started getting very emotional and it has not gone away i even get frustrated ... [snip!] ... a handsome healthy baby boy but i dont know what to do!! this is my first kid and i need some tips someone please help me!!"

I feel that way too. I get mad when she cries and I feel horrible for feeling that way. I am trying to just do my best but I am going to see a doctor. If you feel like it's bad enough you should see one too. I heard it helps.

Dani Kick 1 child; Illinois 59 posts
29th Jun '12

How do you know if you have PPD?

When I got pregnant, my ex left and I have been a single mom since I was two months pregnant. I had my son in september 2011 and I felt so happy. I wasn't depressed, I wasn't sad, I didn't get frusterated or anything. This past month, every day has been a struggle. Not with him though, I am ONLY happy when I am near my son. I can barely sleep or eat anymore, i feel so overwhelmed about everything in life, I feel like I am such a terrible mom and that my son would have been better off if I did adoption even though it would have KILLED me to do that. I cant focus on anything, I don't go out anymore. I just dont know what is wrong with me. Is it even possible to get PPD months after you had your baby??

RonniG Due July 19; 1 child; Plentywood, Montana 1991 posts
29th Jun '12

I didn't feel any symptoms of PPD until I was 4 months PP. Now that I'm 6 months PP its been unbearable. Today was the first day that I woke up and felt like I could not take care of my son. I called my husband at work crying and he came home, made me a doctors appointment, and took me to a doctor. I felt like such a worthless person having to go to the doctor for being mental.
The doctor perscriped me Xanex for my anxiety attacks and Celexa for my depression. They drew blood to check my thyroid and for anemia.
I was also given a referal for counceling if i feel like I need it.
I REALLY didn't want to go to the doctor but I feel much more optomistic now that I have help. I don't know how the medication is going to work out but I know that getting help is a step in the right direction. If I can do it. You can too.

IlyKeys Due September 9; 32 kids; Hollywood, Florida 9 posts
4th Jul '12

Hi, I'm been having this issue for a couple of months now... I'm 30 wks (first time mommy) and was really undecided bout treating it with antidepression pills... My Dr. prescribed me zoloft and after taking it for a couple of days I stopped it right away because I was feeling like a zombie... and reading that it has birth defects and etc.. I got scared... I really don't wanna even go back to them... I'm just scared that ill start acting worse after I have the baby... Can anyone give me some advice, that can help me without taking medication?

Dianna Davis Due April 19; Japan 1 posts
7th Jul '12
Quoting brittaney bluegrass.:" i really think i have ppd, but dshs took me off insurance so i dont know how to get diagnosed. i thought ... [snip!] ... its not something im proud of. im trying to get on medicade again. but until then, im stuck trying to battle this thing myself."

i no how u guys feel i had a misscarrage then a fwe mths later i got pregnant wit my son coleston an was soo happy then after i had him its like i have no energy i start fights with my boyfriend for no reason jus wanna leave and feel bad bc i love my son an boyfriend soo much i dont do anythin but take care of my son an i jus started gettin out everyonce in a while on the weekends an it helps some an its hard bc a baby can stress u out an make u mad at times an its bad bc u dnt wanna be mad at ur beautiful lil blessing but hang in there moms we will all make it an have wonderful lil children jus hang in there n look at wat u have it gets better my son is only 3 mt an its alredy gettn betta i got 2 diff meds frum doctor they didnt help god an family help much more

Mother of 2 beautiful kid 2 kids; Maryland 1 posts
8th Jul '12
Quoting Pillowpants is a SLUT:" I posted something very similar to this in Nov. here is the thread ... [snip!] ... signs. Its scary to think that I could have left my children. I was sick. But I found the light at the end of the tunnel."

i feel how u actually felt i had that with my lil girl and always felt like killin myself bcuz me and her father always faught then after awhile people got involved and it got insane now im pregnant with my son and really cant wait til he here and i kno i wpnt harm my kids at all bcuz im not someone to do somethin like that they are angels sent from heaven and wat god created inside of u and came out like a baby angel so i can really feel this pain terribly

mommy*love to 3 Due June 23; Vicksburg, Mississippi 70 posts
14th Jul '12

I have been feeling different, thought it might be the baby blues. but im still feeling horrible and its been 2 weeks. i took a test online to see what i scored and i got a 22. i have tried talking to my husband and he didnt even seem interested in what i had to say. i keep telling myself that i cant have ppd. i have too much on my plate and my children need me. i really dont have much help. husband works 16 hrs a day and when he gets home he is tired. he tries to help but not much as i like. i have 3 kids...5, 2, & 1 month. i just dont know what to do. but all i know is i didnt sign up for this...

Helen Vitale 2 kids; Plover, Wisconsin 6 posts
22nd Jul '12

This is my 2nd pregnancy. During my 1st pregnancy I had found out my Fiance was cheating on me, and it wasnt the first time, so I left him and moved in with my Mom. About 2 months before my son turned 1 I started dating my husband. About a month later we became pregnant, and just 4 months later we got married. My problem is...I am a very possitive and happy person, and I love my husband so much, but with this pregnancy I find myself bothered by him. Just the sight of him sometimes makes me angry. Is there something wrong with me? Because I was not living with my EX most of my 1st pregnancy I never felt like this. And I know I suffered from PPD after my son was born, because I had a hard time letting my EX take my son. I just dont know what to do? Im against taking any sort of drug for depression, because it just an imbalance of hormones so taking the right vitamins im back to my happy self again. I just dont know how to deal with my husband. I love him so much, but I cant help but feel irritated by him. Is this a normal feeling? And is there anything I can do to make it not so dominatnt?

dsfgfdb Japan 1 posts
2nd Aug '12

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Raven Blood Due August 27; Sapulpa, Oklahoma 2 posts
5th Aug '12
Quoting Noobalishtasticabilities:" You guys should do what I do, take vicoden or lortab with a glass of wine or more each night. It helps me. Peace"

drugging you're self is not at all healthy for you or children....

justwanttodelete Due July 23; Switzerland 1021 posts
5th Aug '12

i just had my first baby a little over a week ago. im depressed...i feel awful about it..i feel like i shouldnt be depressed even tho i know alot of women go through it. i told my doctor and she brushed it off for now...said see how i feel in two weeks. i love my baby with all my heart...she is my heart. but i wasnt really ready to give up some many things to become a mom a only 22. not to sound selfish. i got super excited the end of my pregnancy and was so ready for her to be here. i had a c section...i hate the way my body looks and fear ill never get it back. i see all these other girls who did it vaginal and they have their bodies back in 2 weeks. so im not happy with myself. i cry all the time. and im so tired from the feedings. i cry when my fiance goes to work everyday. i fill trapped sometimes. yet i feel worse for feeling this way

Pinkman 1 child; Melbourne, VC, Australia 5290 posts
6th Aug '12

I had my son almost three months ago and I suddenly feel so incompetent. I feel as if I'm not doing a good job in taking care of my son even though I know I am. I am in such a zombie like state that I don't even know what day it is. Being a single mother is really weighing on me. I'm afraid to console in my mother due to the fact that she'll think I'm a bad mother. I don't think she's even going to take me seriously. I am way too over emotional over everything. It just seems like everything is just piling up. I'm scared I have too much on my plate to start school in less than a month. How can I focus on school out of all things? I need to get out of the house and spend a day alone.

Finn's Mommy 1 child; Dover, New Hampshire 73 posts
21st Aug '12

I had my baby boy on June 30th via c section. I have felt with anxiety before I was pregnant almost daily, but during pregnancy I only had it 1 day that I can remember. Now, after having the baby it just hit me like a ton of bricks and to top it off my baby has colic and screams his head off most of the day. Thank god he sleeps through the night though!! I took Zoloft before getting pregnant I took it during and still taking it now. Just called about counseling today and will meet with her tomorrow. I hate anxiety!!