Baby sitting low..... August08Mommy 1 child; Maryland 54 posts
1st Feb '08

I just wanted to know if any of you have had a problem with your baby sitting low. When I went to get my ultrasound last week, the tech told me that my baby was sitting really low for being 10 wks 4 dys. She was basically doing the u/s on top of my vagina, lol. I don't even really have a stomach bulge yet but I can feel that my pelvic area is pushed out and tight. Is this a bad thing? Will the baby come up soon? I go for my next u/s next Friday, the 8th. I'm just worried that this could cause problems.

Kelly&Coralie 1 child; Rochester, NY, United States 56009 posts
status 1st Feb '08

I had Placenta Previa until my 20th week. My placenta was laying too close to the cervix. My US's were always done like right on my pubic bone. But it moved and now I'm carrying high! Lots of times, the placenta moves on it's own, and it only causes a problem during delivery. Assuming that it is a previa.

He calls me Mom. 1 child; Imperial Beach, California 3280 posts
1st Feb '08

I wouldn't worry about it unless they tell you to. You could just be carring low. (Old wives tales indicate BOY!) But give your uterus time to expand and then worry. Once your uterus grows bigger the baby will move around. Could pose as problem later but don't worry about it til they give you a reason to. Im sure you are fine! Take care momma! And congrats!

BrittanieY 18 kids; South Carolina 16634 posts
1st Feb '08

at 10 weeks, your uterus is still in your pelvic cavity, so the baby has no choice but to sit low! As you get farther along, your uterus will expand and the baby will have more room to move :)!

I'm Ready-Chanel 2 kids; Maryland 1572 posts
1st Feb '08

At 22 weeks my baby is sitting low. Her head is nesting in my lower pelvic area and my doctor hasn't said its a problem.

Wyatt, Bristol and Camden Due May 24; 3 kids; Gardiner, 4068 posts
1st Feb '08

I've not had an u/s since Dec but I'm quite sure that my son is sitting rather low in the breech position never the less! When I feel him move / kick it's always just barely above my pelvic bone... So basicly it's like he kicks the very bottom of my baby bump! But my Midwife has made it clear to me that he has plenty of time to turn the other way, so I would assume that if it's alright at this stage of the game that earlier on it's def normal.

Momma♥Kristin 18 kids; New York 21538 posts
1st Feb '08
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