placenta in front? CjMommyofAvani 1 child; Omaha, Nebraska 287 posts
5th May '11

Has anyone else been told that their placenta is in front? I was told this at my 19 week ultrasound when I found out the sex of our baby.

I was also told that I won't feel nearly as much movement because of this. I'm a little worried cuz I don't feel very much at all or maybe I don't recognize her movements and I'm mistaking them for gas or something else.

is anyone else dealing with this? Or have dealt with this? Should I be worried? Fee free to reply on here or send me a message! Thanks so much!!

Monica Wilczak 2 kids; New York 409 posts
5th May '11

i know some one who had it in the front and it does coushion the inpact quite a bit i know with my daughter mine was positioned corretly and i could go 16 18 hours without feeling her kick or move

1 pink + 1 blue 34 kids; Houston, Texas 608 posts
5th May '11

my step sisters placenta is in the front shes 23 weeks pregnant and hasnt felt her son move not once hes also breech with his head on the right side of her stomach and his butt on the left side

Miss Julie 98 kids; Williamston, Michigan 12953 posts
5th May '11
Quoting cjm2b:" Has anyone else been told that their placenta is in front? I was told this at my 19 week ultrasound when ... [snip!] ... with this? Or have dealt with this? Should I be worried? Fee free to reply on here or send me a message! Thanks so much!!"

its pretty normal. and yes it puts more "cushion" between your belly and your baby so it is harder to feel movement on the outside. give it a few more weeks and you should be able to feel it with ease on the inside though. and without doubt that it is your baby you are feeling in there

Household 6 2 kids; Columbus, Georgia 17761 posts
5th May '11

I had an anterior placenta and I felt a TON of movement, and I felt it from early on, too. I wouldn't worry about it, especially as you get further along. There's no way you'll mistake it for gas.

owlie 2 kids; Arkansas 5110 posts
5th May '11

Mine was, And I couldn't feel hardly any kicks until my placenta moved.

Garfield636 TTC since Apr 2013; 16 kids; Utica, Michigan 601 posts
5th May '11

my sister had it

she hasn't feel the movement until like 25 weeks, and then very little, so starting at 32 weeks she had NST done every week to make sure that everything was fine

Mandi 18 kids; New Mexico 16517 posts
5th May '11

I have it. It's called an "anterior placenta."

I'm nearly 22 weeks, now, and the movements I feel are kind of muffled and soft. He still kicks and moves quite a bit. But it feels similar to when I was about 16 weeks along with my first. Other than it taking longer to feel movement (the placenta will move a bit as baby grows, and eventually baby will kick hard enough to feel it full-force or above the placenta), and movement feeling softer for a while, there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Your doctor likely would have told you if your placenta was low, which can complicate delivery. But it just being in the front? Doesn't make any difference to development or cause any complications at all. Just a little disappointing to have to wait to feel strong, consistent movement.

Lilly and Laya's momma Due May 24 (boy); 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Chesapeake, Virginia 8469 posts
status 5th May '11

I had an anterior placenta also but it psshh it didn't make her movements subtle. I felt her moving all the

p3rf3ctcin Due October 28; 3 kids; Memphis, Tennessee 731 posts
5th May '11

I had a posterior placenta with my first and started feeling movement around 16ish weeks. By 20 weeks it was really strong and I felt even the smallest kicks.

With my second pregnancy, I had a anterior placenta and started feeling very light flutters around 14 weeks but then nothing again until around 18ish weeks. It didn't get stronger until 23 weeks. When they get bigger and stronger they start moving and kicking harder and you will feel them regaurdless of the anterior placenta. You may feel less in the beginning but in time you will feel them just as much as if you had an posterior placenta. Don't worry, you will feel plenty of movement.

jjs mommy =) 1 child; Ward, Arkansas 141 posts
5th May '11

mine was anterior also.....i could still feel quite a bit of movement but really didnt see anything besides rolls which kinda bummed me out lol

FleurDeLys 3 kids; Groton, Massachusetts 9150 posts
5th May '11

Mine is anterior this time around. I felt my first 2 very early and I felt something pretty early this time around, but I doubted myself because it felt so different this time. If I hadn't had 2 children before this one I don't think I would have known what I was feeling until just recently. My placenta has moved off my cervix so now I've been feeling kicks down low. I know this baby is just as much of a wiggle worm as my other 2 were, but the feeling is so much more muffled sometimes.

furrbabiesmommy 18 kids; California 16570 posts
5th May '11

Mine is anterior. I sometimes have a little trouble feeling the smaller movements til around 28-30 weeks even now sometimes I dont' feel the little kicks and I'm 37 weeks. Then again she is also runing out of room to give me the good jabs.
SO dont' worry, you still fel your baby!

CjMommyofAvani 1 child; Omaha, Nebraska 287 posts
5th May '11

Thankyou guys so much! I'm just a worrier I guess!