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3rd Oct '11

Objectively, I don't think it was such a good idea to avoid all support during your pregnancy - usually there are decent options even if they are illegal in some states. That said, I totally get it! Pregnancy and birth should only rarely become a medical event. My second birth was at home and was SO empowering. I had seen CNMs during the pregnancy, declined ultrasounds, Doppler, and just about any technology with no resistance from them. The whole time I visualized what I needed and, despite being wonderful, the CNM was not a part of the vision. We called as soon as I was in active labor, we called the CNM. Because I was laboring well, a birth attendant came to check on me but the CNM waited. Long story short, I delivered my second daughter on all fours with my head on the the same couch where my four year old daughter sat eating a banana. The new baby and I were wrapped in warm blankets (fresh out of the dryer) and the birth attendant tucked me in to my own bed and then made me herbal tea. My husband, my daughter, my mother, my dog, and the birth attendant were all I had envisioned and all I needed. CNM came in time to weigh the baby and fill out paper work. My only sadness is that the CNM practice was disbanding and she missed her last scheduled home birth.

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21st Nov '11
Quoting HippieBabie BFT:" Almost every mammal consumes their placenta after birth. Even herbivores. It has many benefits. It ... [snip!] ... wards off baby blues, gives energy, has all the hormones which each have their own benefit. :) I healed so quick this time "

I wish I had known this! With my second child I had a Natural birth (at the hospital though but with a midwife delivered my son on all 4s) But I bled for 3 months after having him before I stopped, had NO energy, my hormones have been insane, baby blues were bad ... etc! If I am blessed with a 3rd child a Home Birth is already a must Unassisted Im not so sure( I love my midwife) but now Im positive the placenta smoothie is a must too! God Bless you and your amazing courage streangth and power of being a woman! I am going to save this page and show my husband maybe unassited we might go once we are blessed with a 3rd!

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3rd Jun '13
I know this is old and I hope to get a response but I am UC my next birth in Nevada and you are the first person I have found online. how did you get the paperwork and what do you need?

Quoting HippieBabie BFTs:" nope the hospital has nothing to do with my baby. He has never been to the doctor, he is very healthy and I am getting the paperwork for the birth certificate in the mail tomorrow :)"
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4th Jun '13

I'm glad this post was brought back up into the light....

I was BLOWN AWAY by your story! My goodness.... talk about the power of a woman's body....!

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8th Oct

Is there a reason your story was removed? Well the majority of it! I was trying to show a friend about this and I couldn't find it to show her the entire story!

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9th Oct

Quoting mommy_ofone:
Is there a reason your story was removed? Well the majority of it! I was trying to show a friend about this and I couldn't find it to show her the entire story!

this! :( where did it go?