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25th Apr

Can someone tweak these? I have line eyes.



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26th Apr

Quoting Ashlea Blumenshine:
Can someone tweak these? I have line eyes.


I feel like I see something. 

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4th May

Hi girls, I haven't been online in a very long time and I haven't been on this post in so very long,  but I wanted to post this. 
I had my daughter in 2008. In 2009 I had a miscarriage and in 2011 I had an ectopic pregnancy that led to surgery and the removal of my right tube.  Despite that, off and on for the past four years Mike, my daughter's father and father of the two angel babies mentioned, have been trying to get pregnant. I'm not suppose to start my period till Saturday and since I work over nights it's hard to judge when to test so I took one.  The one I took last Saturday was negative, but I just wanted to make sure.
The test on top is a fertility test, I didn't want to waste an actual test since they are pricy. Unsure of the result I took a pregnancy test,  the one on bottom.
I'm really happy and yet, there is that bit of doubt in my stomach that this isn't gonna last. That the pregnancy will end. I'm gonna go tomorrow to get it confirmed. I just hope that this is meant to be, and will be a long and healthy pregnancy.