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Navidoxine Roqaya Egypt 25 posts
28th Feb '08

i felt lately very very sick, throwing up and dizzy all day long. so i called my doctor and he gave me this medicine navidoxine. he asked to take one tablet daily before sleep. it works, although i slept sooooo long and after getting up i felt little bit tired, but now, eraly evening i feel just great - finally normal.
however i tried to reach any information about this medicine. my husband got for me just one leaf of it so no box or leaflet included. i couldn't find anything about navidoxine but one of 2 ingredients is meclozine which is ordered for motion sickness and i found information in internet not to use it in pregnancy!
i'm waiting for your experiences, i need to know how many of u took it. i am totally confused because my doctor prescribed it, but what about the info that i found?

ILoveMyUSMCBaby 1 child; Kailua, Hawaii 3351 posts
28th Feb '08

what kind of doctor prescribed it?

Roqaya Egypt 25 posts
28th Feb '08

my OB.
i found now new information that in pregnancy it's prescribed only in really necessary situations. i'm worried

ILoveMyUSMCBaby 1 child; Kailua, Hawaii 3351 posts
28th Feb '08

well if your OB gave it to you could take it but maybe you shouldn't take it all the time...try s*****g on peppermint and ginger root might help too. 7 up helps...don't eat or drinkanything cold. don't eat fruit until you feel better. this is the stuff that helped me

orly77 Missouri 22 posts
28th Feb '08

I would just call my doctors office and tell them what I found out about the medicine and see what they say.They will totallyunderstand your concerns and most likely explain things or look into it.I'm sure it is fine or the doctor would not have given it to you.Oh, ginger ale helps.

Wessam Egypt 1 posts
19th May '08

Hi Roqaya, i am afraid my email may be a bit late but i've just read your post regarding Navidoxine. I am 3-months pregnant and i've been through severe nausea and vomiting attacks; unfortunately, i've tried two kinds of medicine before Navidoxine, but it was of no vail and the attacks were still there until my dr precribed for me Navidoxine, i would like to assure you that it is totally safe as it is meant only for pregnant ladies and it had a magic effect on me. I am getting better now. Dont worry about it. Wish you all the best.