Engaging Pregnancy Articles with a Twist!

Lady.Weiser Michigan 3638 posts
7th Aug '11

OK, pack up your baby, and go to your parents house. Nothing he can say will excuse what you saw him do. Take her to walk in and ask them to check and see if she has been penetrated vaginally. Then report his ass to the authorities.

Always♥Faithful 2 kids; CHERRY POINT, North Carolina 21729 posts
7th Aug '11

This made me want to puke and brought tears to my eyes. Idk how you could have stood there and just watched it. How do you know he won't do worse...or hasn't done worse??

GTFO of there and call the cops.

Impatiently waiting 3 kids; Michigan 1225 posts
8th Aug '11

Justify!?! Snap out of it! There is nothing normal about it! If you love your daughter get out of there and have her evaluated. That is sick especially since shes a baby and is his daughter.

[aZ] 8 kids; California 5243 posts
8th Aug '11

Super Sick Shit.

End of story.

;;;;;......;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 1 child; Utah 1185 posts
8th Aug '11
Quoting MILK ON TAP:" This made my stomach hurt. That's sick and he needs to be locked up for life"

my heart and stomach dropped when i read that. :(

~*RaeRenee*~ 16 kids; Pleasanton, California 1694 posts
8th Aug '11

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil::twisted::shock:

"O - H - I - O" 2.0 2 kids; Washington 1235 posts
8th Aug '11

I would kill anyone that ever did that to my child. There is no justification for it and for you LO's safety you need to tell him to get the f**k out. Please get LO away!!! That is a dangerous situation.

.|.. Beverly Hills, California 72000 posts
8th Aug '11

This SICKENS me that you are trying to justify this :!:

What the f**k

Logan & Avery's Momma Due July 26; 2 kids; Mississippi 2492 posts
8th Aug '11

oh god that made me feel sick! you need to call the cops and leave ASAP!!!!! if he is ok with doing that now what will happen later?!!!!

MILK ON TAP Due March 3; 8 kids; Ethiopia 12034 posts
8th Aug '11

That mother f****r would have been shot

[shawna] 2 kids; Waco, Texas 7924 posts
8th Aug '11

This makes me sick to my stomach. I would take her and leave ASAP. & as everyone said, get her evaluated.

Liam&Lilah's mommy 2 kids; Jackson, Michigan 11221 posts
8th Aug '11
Quoting MILK ON TAP:" That mother f****r would have been shot "

for f**king serious!!!!!

Mom2William&Michael 2 kids; 1 angel baby; New York 7600 posts
8th Aug '11

Leave now. Like right now. Get off the computer, grab your poor baby and leave. Go to a relative, friends, shelter, hospital, anywhere. Contact her pedi or shit, any doctor, and get her looked at. If there's anything, call the police.

Maybe it was something innocent. But I would not risk it at all. Your child is not worth the risk and I would try to justify nothing until you know.


Dusky LeDoux +1 1 child; California 5381 posts
8th Aug '11

Pretty sure I would load my shotgun and blow his f**king head off!!!

Lady.Weiser Michigan 3638 posts
8th Aug '11

So if you observed that this morning, WHY ARE YOU ONLY TALKING ABOUT THIS NOW. What time is it in Illinois? What have you been doing all day??? ..................... Why this time delay in your concern?