I had a BabyBumpBelly 17 kids; American Fork, Utah 34384 posts
29th Aug '11
Quoting LaShara Marshall:" Oh, well thanks anyway. It won't let me put anything in this box either. I'm hoping it's just some technical issues."

It might be.

Gabriel's mommy! Anderson, Indiana 1311 posts
2nd Sep '11

ok so how do i post the tickers i have used the code a[+href] img[+src] b i ul ol l[img][/img] and nothing will work i even tried it in the "code box ... this sinks

rob&teri 35 kids; Indiana 311 posts
19th Jan '12

Having the exact same problem!!!!

Brookelynbaby Due April 7 (boy); Duluth, Georgia 64 posts
8th Jan '13

I still cant add my pictures that stuff do not pop up, nor anything like that. Please Help