Jen♡Troy 1 child; Buffalo, NY, United States 8742 posts
10th Oct '12
Quoting ♥BooBear♥:" heres a direct link to that part part"

Cool! Thanks hun!

Mrs. Brightside 2 kids; Lichtensteig, Switzerland 11733 posts
22nd Oct '12

hey ladies! haven't been in forever and looks like no one else has either! lol.

I know it would come eventually, but i have finally hit the point in the nursing program where I have time for NOTHING! I used to get on here everyday, and now i am lucky to get on here once a week! lol.

this quarter we are studying peds and OB so it has been AWESOME! the last two weekends I have been away at OB clinicals and I had a ball! i watched 1 c-section, 3 vag births, 4 circumcisions, and everything else in between! The next two weekends I will be away to start my peds rotation! Sucks having to go so far for clinicals cause i eat so horribly when I am away! :(

hope all is well with everyone else!!

Jen♡Troy 1 child; Buffalo, NY, United States 8742 posts
23rd Oct '12

I know this thread is dying :(

I hope we are all friends on FB :)

Mrs. Post-tato Head 4 kids; 1 angel baby; 6804 posts
27th Nov '12

Can we get this thread kickin' again? I've fallen off the wagon BAD and I really need to get back on. I just can't find the motivation anymore and IDK what's wrong with me. I don't know how I even did it before. I just want to eat crap all day and I've even taken up drinking soda which I've gotten like ADDICTED too and I don't even know what's come over me. I'm upset by the weight I've gained and so mad at myself :( I've lost weight and gained some or all of it back like three times in my adult life now and I'm sick of the cycle. I don't know how I fall back into it every time. :cry:

Anyway, I'm starting fresh tomorrow (which I've done like five times and it lasts a day and a half... :roll: but NOT THIS TIME), so anyone out there still?

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22nd Mar '13

Anybody out there?!!!!!!!!