Peachy22 1 child; Ontario 131 posts
Jul 23rd '12
Quoting cjpalaska:" Don't feel guilty about doing this.... you can only do your best and your baby needs to eat! My dr. is ... [snip!] ... Just keep pumping though to keep it going and get as much as you can - I also pump about every 3 hours (not overnight though). "

Yes i just want to keep my baby satisfied, im going to start tonight i tihnk with supplamenting formula because im down to only 7 ounces left and hes starting to eat almost 5 ounces a feeding ever 3/4 hours! i think hes ina growth spirt, hes 5 weeks. I used to be able to pump 5-7 ounces every 3 hours. and now im down to 2 ounces ever 3 hours.. very upseting, but its better than nothing. i think i will try this until my milk supply builds back up, well IF it build back up :( thank u so much tho! made me feel better

cjpalaska 1 child; Indiana 7 posts
Jul 25th '12

So despite my efforts with mothers milk tea and fenugreek...... my supply now has reduced by half! I had to stop the medication I was taking to help (Reglan) after a month and it has been four days now..... and my milk supply is really low now..... Do you ladies think I should just keep pumping to the last drop? Or do you think there is a time to call it quits? How do you know? I guess I will keep going until it isn't worth the amount I am getting...... I prepared myself for this knowing it was inevitable but I still feel "bad" about it... even if I can't control it. Just wish breastfeeding would have continued longer even if it was just pumping........

♥ The Prodigy Due March 3 (boy); 33 kids; Perth, Australia 5617 posts
Jul 26th '12

i wanted to start mix feeeding but LO wont take a bottle at all! i have tried a few different formulas (s26 gold, NAN pro, NAN H.A, s26 lactose free) he took the lactose free twice in the bath but decided he wont anymore and tried lots of different bottle (tommee tippee, breastflow, flotech, nuby), but he still wont take a bottle :( any other mums have this trouble?

Angela Sterling Due July 27; Washington 5 posts
Jul 31st '12

My son is two weeks old, I want to exclusively breastfeed but i was and still am glucose intolerant there for during my whole pregnancy i fought hard to keep my glucose level in check but no matter what i did my son was born hypoglycemic and my colostrum and breast milk alone did not raise his glucose level to normal it was dangerously low and the doctors told us we had to formula feed to get his glucose level up or else my son would be admitted into NICU which scared me even more. so becuase we formula fed the first three days of his birth my milk production was effect and now i am despertly trying my best to breast feed and only using formula to supplment when need. i don't think there is anything wrong with mix feeding because we are doing the best we can to give our child the breastmilk and better little and none at all. i feel the some moms are very judgemental and hurtful to other mom who either can not breastfeed because of medical reason saying hurting things like we are "choosing" not to breastfeed or we are not trying hard enough. but for some it's not a choice and i think we are all moms, all strong women who went through 40weeks of pregnancy we should be all supportive of one another not mean, rude, and negative.

Katie Katie the Sexy Lady Due June 24 (girl); Illinois 18 posts
Aug 3rd '12

i have a question. I have a 5 week old girl. I would pump and feed her because i had a surgery on my breasts and i couldn't ever get her to latch properly even with the help of lactation specialists. Because I was not making a ton at first I would supplement feed her formula at night. now when she drinks breast milk she drinks 4 -4.5oz at a time every 3 hours. she would do the about 4 oz of formula every for hours at night. but recently i have developed a yeast infection of the breast and the doctor told me to pump and dump so that she does not develop thrush so i have had her on formula only. today was the first full day that she has only gotten formula and she is not acting like herself. she is sooooooo sleepy! she drank only 2.5oz of formula at 2:30 then fell asleep at 3:45 and i eventually tried waking her up at 7 45 to try to feed her. she at around 1.5 oz and tried falling asleep again. i tried waking her again at 8 30 to eat and she drank 1 oz. and tried falling alseep again. no matter what i do she wont wake up except when i put her in the bath. so my question is, is it normal for them to sleep so deeply and so much when they are switched from breast milk to formula and is it normal for her to go from 4 oz of breast milk every 3 hours to around 2 0z of formula and i have to wake her to eat.....

Emily Elizabeth 101 Due June 1 (girl); Grand Rapids Charter Township, Michigan 45 posts
Aug 10th '12

I mix feed! I breast feed during the day and my daughter gets a bottle of formula and rice before bed time!

~**germaphobic**~ 3 kids; Georgia 2208 posts
Aug 14th '12

I mix feed when i don't have enough breast milk. How can i get my supply up? I used to pump 250ml every 4-5 hours, and now its Down to 100-1:( :( baby is 2Weeks old

Pregnant Much 3 kids; Abbeville, Alabama 1483 posts
Aug 16th '12
Quoting ~**germaphobic**~:" I mix feed when i don't have enough breast milk. How can i get my supply up? I used to pump 250ml every 4-5 hours, and now its Down to 100-1:( :( baby is 2Weeks old"

more breastfeeding ..dont wear a bra ...especially to bed .............and make sure you are drinking a lot of water .........good luck

~*~*~*~ ; 1 child; Biteme, ca, United States 1716 posts
Aug 19th '12

Does anyone have a preferance of which formula is best when doing mixed feeding? I haven't had to yet, but baby girl's weight is low, and I need something while I'm at work and she is home, until I'm hopefully able to pump more. Problem is, since I am primarily nursing her and give her a vitamin D/iron supplement, I don't wanna give her an overdose if I have to give her formula, which already has it in it. She is eight months old. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Lukes mama ohh yea Palm Harbor, Florida 10 posts
Aug 25th '12

I do mix right now and I'm really trying to get my milk up but can't produce more than 2 oz at a time! Any advice for strengthening milk supply

jaydelouise1991 1 child; Newcastle, Australia 199 posts
Aug 26th '12

Hi everyone. My little boy is 4 days old and at the moment exclusively breast fed. However I'm looking at combined feeding as last night my milk just didn't come in for his 10.30 feed. Lucky SO was here and ran to get some formula from ther service station.

I don't want to stop breast feeding completely but do want to slowly introduce a few bottles of formula at regular time intervals.

Can someone tell me how to go about this??

And my milk has already fully come through, it's not colostrum anymore.

♥ The Prodigy Due March 3 (boy); 33 kids; Perth, Australia 5617 posts
Aug 27th '12
Quoting jaydelouise1991:" Hi everyone. My little boy is 4 days old and at the moment exclusively breast fed. However I'm looking ... [snip!] ... Can someone tell me how to go about this?? And my milk has already fully come through, it's not colostrum anymore."

i dont know the answer to your question but nice name :) my names jade louise :)

Erica Reinhold-Boomer Due July 8; 2 kids; Illinois 6 posts
Aug 29th '12

the best advice i can give u is if u dont put lo on the breast and instead give a bottle of formula or expressed milk make sure u pump! I screwed my supply up so bad. i exclusively bf for 5 weeks. then when we started going out and about i would give formula because i didnt have the confidence to bf in public and i refuse to make my lo eat in a bathroom stall.I have been super busy and havent pumped so my body thinks lo doesnt need any milk. now at 7 weeks im back to work and have no bm saved so lo gets formula all day and at nite i dont make enough to satisfy her :( so she still needs formula when shes done, But i refuse to give up as long as im producing some then ill keep giving it to her :)

Hallie_Harris Due July 29 (boy); South Dakota 30 posts
Sep 3rd '12

I had to start mix feedings at one week old because my son wasn't gaining weight. He's six weeks now and gaining weight. I've chose to keep up with mixed feeding because he sleeps longer. In order to keep up my supply his doctor told me breastfeed first then offer the bottle. Doing so has made it so I can nurse every few hours and have it fulfilling enough without needing a bottle very often. He eats a ton too. If I leave and he just gets formula he'll eat 4oz every two hours.

Mellisa Krell Due July 27; Mission, British Columbia 14 posts
Sep 4th '12

i am breastfeeding my son (second child) my daughter i had no issue with my supply even tho she ate so much however with my son i feel like he is eating more than i can produce so i have chosen to do both. i give him a small amount of infamil (that has added iron and DHA which is good because i am anemic and already take iron pills) before bed to fill his tummy. he has gained roughly a pound a week since birth including his wieght loss right after birth. i had my first bout of sadness while feeding it to him tonight... i felt really sad that i couldnt give him the b**b but he had drained me an hour earlier after his bath before bed... i wish i could give him more b**b but he is a big eater and i can only produce s much ! :(