Teething with Eye Teeth!! Help!! *Haylie& Brooklyn* 1 child; Peace Dale, Rhode Island 8 posts
21st Mar '08

My daughter has most all of her teeth.. She is now getting her eye teeth and I have never seen her like this before. She doesn't want to play or do anything. She justscreams and clings to me all day! She has had a high fever and is not sleeping well. I took her to the doctor thinking something was seriously wrong (maybe a terrible virus or something?), but only got one answer... "She's getting her Eye Teeth!". I feel like have tried almost everything. Any advice??

Dani&The Mess Machines 2 kids; Timbuktu, Mali 9702 posts
21st Mar '08

What are Eye Teeth?

I have a lot to learn.

amy doll. 1 child; Essex, United Kingdom 12750 posts
21st Mar '08
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The boys mom 2 kids; Virginia 1 posts
21st Mar '08

i think they are the teeth likea vampire has sorry thats the best description i can come up with and thats if im right

Dr. Frank N Furter 35 kids; Transylvania, Louisiana 15621 posts
21st Mar '08

wow i have loads of little siblings and ive never heard of eye teeth either.

My mom cuts hair better t 2 kids; Milroy, Pennsylvania 996 posts
21st Mar '08

Lol i was raised as them being eye teeth too. There the pointy canie teeth. (sp) my daughter is 2 and just got all 4 of hers but she didn't have any problems. No fever, no fussing nothing but she has a really high pain tolerance. She has never balled for any of her teeth and when she falls and hits her head she gets right back up so... maybe its just her.

*Haylie& Brooklyn* 1 child; Peace Dale, Rhode Island 8 posts
21st Mar '08

They are the really pointy teeth lol

proud mama of 1 33 kids; Taylor, Michigan 9654 posts
21st Mar '08

them are the first teeth ailey got and i just gave her tynal. good luck mama, they make these weird rasberry binkis that might help

Mommy2022 34 kids; Applewood, Pa, United States 9644 posts
21st Mar '08

My daughter just got hers a few weeks ago and the only thing that seemed to help was doing mortin then tyonel and switch them every 4 hrs.
My daughter got 4 molars and all 4 of her I teeth at the same time. We are now good untill her 2 year molars come.
The I teeth are the ones right next to the first set of molars.

NikonGirl_TOG 20 kids; California 10022 posts
21st Mar '08

Motrin and Tylenol for pain, baby Oragel for on the spot pain relief. let her chew on a big frozen carrot (too hard to bite of bits and it numbs the gums- just be sure to cut off the very narrow end). Distraction- walk in the park, a new movie, trip to grammas, walk around the store...etc. And lots of love and patience. ((hugs)) Mama- it won't take too long for them to come all the way through. If she continues to have a fever or it's high that is not generally a sign of teething, sounds like a virus. Keep pushing liquids as long as she has a fever, regardless of what the cause is. High fevers can lead to dehydration if they don't keep drinking. Good luck Mama!

*Haylie& Brooklyn* 1 child; Peace Dale, Rhode Island 8 posts
22nd Mar '08
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♥ PUFFIN ♥ 2 kids; South Africa 224 posts
22nd Mar '08

how old is she?
Nate is busy getting his bottom 2 in.....he seems alright-but can be mr crabs sometimes.....

StephieAileen Texas 474 posts
23rd Mar '08

My son is getting his in also... I use Hylands Teething Tablets(you can find thematWal Martby the childrens vitamins)and they usually work really good. They are a homepathic kinda thing. If he gets really cranky that's when I break out the Motrin and Tylenol. Good luck and hope she gets to feeling better :D

Landy Ray 2 kids; Horn Lake, Mississippi 3020 posts
25th Mar '08

My son, who's 10 months, has one and is getting the other now. He has had a hard time as well. I'm not sure why they're so much more painful, but he cries alot. I keep using vanilla extract and baby Orajel to numb him, and he's been chewing on a pacifier alot, which we didn't give him before. I don't think there's any way to help her other than trying to numb it and spending lots of cuddle time with her.