mama to 2 pumpkins 2 kids; 4 angel babies; San Francisco, California 10716 posts
25th Oct '11

I'm glad your better. Sounds scary and awful! . This is exactly why I don't want to vaccinate my son.

nursemaya mom to 3! 3 kids; 5 angel babies; Minnesota 16002 posts
25th Oct '11
Quoting Just Ames:" Ohhh so you got the vaccine shortly after pregnancy?"

yes i got it after i delivered

Just Ames 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Montego Bay, Jamaica 114793 posts
25th Oct '11
Quoting nursemaya -mommy to 2:" yes i got it after i delivered"

Damn girl. That seriously sucks. I'm sorry you had to go through that and it's amazing that you are able to tell your story.

Dr. Angelface 2 kids; California 8230 posts
24th Mar '13

wow. i've read your story before but i'm just coming back to it. so tragic that you had to go through this.

how are you doing these days?

3 kids; Intercourse, MD, United States 4616 posts
24th Mar '13
Quoting nursemaya (16weeks):" Just wanting to post my story for my own referrence and to decrease the size of my about me I gave ... [snip!] ... on GBS. Oh and yes this all was caused by the vaccine :("

I encountered a patient yesterday who was recovering from GB. He had declined the flu shot and said that that was why. He told me his whole experience with GB and it was just fascinating. Since it is such a rare condition, it was very interesting to get to talk to someone who'd been through it. Thanks for sharing your story!