Middle Name For Olivia Double.The.Trouble 2 kids; Florida 2260 posts
Dec 19th '11

Some middle names that go well with Olivia.. ;)

♛ Spectacular.#4 4 kids; Alabama 19638 posts
Dec 19th '11

Marie. That was the first one that came to mind.

Turtley Mikey Due October 31; 2 kids; California 50611 posts
Dec 19th '11
Quoting Melyssa_Sava:" Some middle names that go well with Olivia.. ;)"


Olivia Rose.

misanthrope 2 kids; Ramona, California 15431 posts
Dec 19th '11

Mae or May sounds nice.

Pey and Trista's mommy Due January 5; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Houston, Texas 42503 posts
Dec 19th '11
Quoting ♛ Rudeness. #3:" Marie. That was the first one that came to mind."


{tamz} Due April 19; 2 kids; Maryland 2549 posts
Dec 19th '11
Quoting ♥amie619♥:" Mae or May sounds nice."


Captain Obvious 2 kids; Havana, Cuba 25634 posts
Dec 19th '11

<blockquote><b>Quoting Melyssa_Sava:</b>" Some middle names that go well with Olivia.. ;)"</blockquote>


GlossedOutLips Due July 24; 1 child; Valencia, Spain 180 posts
Dec 19th '11


ღCeceღ 2 kids; Somewhere in, GA, United States 12691 posts
Dec 19th '11


Cindy[+2]♥ TTC since Jul 2014; 1 child; Kentucky 11298 posts
Dec 19th '11

Olivia Skye..
Olivia Rayne
Olivia Shay
Olivia Rose
Olivia Jade
Olivia Shanae
Olivia Lacole

Gir = TTC aSlytherin Baby TTC since May 2012; 3 kids; Iowa 3311 posts
Dec 19th '11

I would stay away from the "filler names" if you want something unique

everyone and their friends are using those names as middle names for their kids

I like
Olivia Elaine
Olivia Francine
Olivia Caitlin
Olivia Hailey
Olivia Juliette

Conlon's Warden 1 child; Grand Rapids, Michigan 15185 posts
Dec 19th '11

<blockquote><b>Quoting {MAM} ツ CeCe:</b>" Jade "</blockquote>

Jade is ALWAYS my suggestion, so :!:

Carter&Violet♥ She Gone! 2 kids; Virginia 14177 posts
Dec 19th '11

Olivia Noelle, Olivia Juliet, Olivia Victoria, Olivia Faith.

Mommie♡♡ Due March 14 (twins); 1 child; Wilmington, Nc, United States 5058 posts
Dec 19th '11


castaway 2 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 20306 posts
Dec 19th '11

Olivia Paige is pretty.