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Feb 23rd '12
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Feb 23rd '12
Quoting Ilyanes's mom(TGT):" im good just hoping AF will hurry the hell up and leave. also been tryin to convince SO to switch over ... [snip!] ... im winning him over lol. and we will be movin in a few months which i cant wait :) oh also goin to florida next weekend :)"

My SO is still hesitant on cloth diapers, but he knows they're better lol.
I read him a bunch of info on them, like the cost comparison.. and the fact that every disposable diaper my baby has ever worn is sitting in a landfill somewhere. Plus I'm the one that has to wash them and fold them/put them away so its not too much sweat off his back.
The only thing he hates about them is the poops.. when we first started cloth diapers we would have to take the diapers outside to rinse them with a hose to get the poop off... I recently bought liner though, and they are flushable, so whenever she poops I just toss the liner in the toilet!

I can give you some links if you'd like.. theres this set of videos that helped me tremendously when starting out with cloth diapering.
Also, on facebook there is a swap thread.. once I figured out what kind of diapers I liked the best I traded a bunch of my daughters old clothes for diapers!

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Feb 28th '12
Quoting Samibee:" Check."