tongue tied baby Ri-mans mommy Louisiana 1854 posts
13th Jan '12

has anyones baby ever had this and had to get it snipped? if so how long did it take to heal and whats the actual proceedure like?
this isnt LO but his looks identical

Zipo Bibrok [LIVR] 2 kids; Baton Rouge, Louisiana 10552 posts
13th Jan '12

DD has a tongue tie and is fine at 6 years old with no speech impediment.

tinana+2 TTC since Nov 2013; 2 kids; Armpit, of, Ireland 29526 posts
13th Jan '12

My oldest was snipped at 5 months because his eating was not good at all. He healed super fast, didn't require any kind of pain meds, and has had no problems since. He'll be 4 in March :)

eta: It was done in the OR under gas. It took just a few minutes and was drinking as soon as he came out.

Jacob'sKeeper 2 kids; Montana 8064 posts
13th Jan '12

My son had it done when he was three, he barely even noticed it when it was all said and done. He was sore for a few days but he never really complained. All and all it was a pretty easy thing for him to go through.

Natalie & Nolan{EBF} 18 kids; Burlington, North Carolina 6851 posts
13th Jan '12

The procedure takes like 10 minutes and it can be sore for a day or two, but most babies go right to nursing fine(if nursing), or straight back to the bottle.

The Time Police 2 kids; Cold Lake, AB, Canada 33400 posts
13th Jan '12

It's just a quick snip, and should barely bleed. I had my sons done the day he was born because he was having issues latching.

MomOfThreeBoys 2 kids; Dayton, Ohio 5094 posts
13th Jan '12

My youngest had it, we got his clipped at a year old. I just didst want to take the chance of it affecting his speech. His was pretty thin and healed quickly, he was also still breastfeeding and nursed fine after

Ri-mans mommy Louisiana 1854 posts
13th Jan '12

thanks ladies, we went to LOs monthly check up today and theyre referring us to an ENT because he tries to talk but cant hes 8 months adjusted so he should be saying at least dada but he cant and he tries SO hard he just cant get his tongue up far enough.. i didnt want it done because i had one and didnt have to have it done but its causing him to be delayed in speech

MamaToThree081012 3 kids; Idaho Falls, Idaho 8713 posts
13th Jan '12

my youngest has a tongue tie and he got it clipped at 4 days old. his pediatrician did it right in the office. he put some orajel under the tongue where it was, got some snipper things and just clipped it. he didn't have any issues with it and could eat and be normal right after. the hardest thing on him was having the doctor's fingers in his mouth and having him held still by the nurse. he didn't bleed or anything though, even though the doc said he could bleed a tiny bit.

*3*6*7*11* TTC since Feb 2013; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Aurora, Colorado 12152 posts
status 13th Jan '12

DD had it done at 3 months, she was really severely tongue tied & wasn't eating well, so we had it clipped. Our pedi did it in his office & she was good in about 10 minutes. The worst part for her was the offending fingers in the mouth.

Stacy aka mama 4 kids; Ohio 4880 posts
13th Jan '12

my son had it done at like a week old. It was super fast. I took him in they did it right in the office. One quick snip a few drips of blood. He was nursing right after and that was it.

KMKsMommy 3 kids; Missouri 878 posts
14th Jan '12

My DD's was like that and I got her's clipped at 6 days because she only gained an ounce in 4 days. She healed in 2 days, and was fine after that. We weight checked her exactly one week after her procedure and she gained 1 lb. We only got it clipped because we were breastfeeding, if she were bottle feeding we would have let it go.

TheHandyMomma 17 kids; Chickasha, Oklahoma 41 posts
17th Jan '12

I was severly tongue tied then at 14 had it snipped finally I was in band and couldn't keep up with the faster pace because my tongue wouldn't stick out very healed fast and it didn't hurt I went under vs a local tho

byronswife8808 Due December 24; 36 kids; Wichita, Kansas 8550 posts
23rd Jan '12
Quoting Ri-mans mommy:" has anyones baby ever had this and had to get it snipped? if so how long did it take to heal and whats the actual proceedure like? this isnt LO but his looks identical "

my husbands toung is tied and his mom said he had no problems nurseing or any thing else there is no reason to snip it except for cosmetic reasons

Ri-mans mommy Louisiana 1854 posts
23rd Jan '12
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