Monkey Nuts Australia 4572 posts
25th Jan '12

I don't and would never think your a wh**e because of your avi.

But your pictures are terrible, and they are classless.
They are not something you can proudly show your child when they are old enough to see them.

*~Katrina~* 18 kids; Houston, Texas 8585 posts
26th Jan '12

LOL look at this.....


*~Katrina~* 18 kids; Houston, Texas 8585 posts
26th Jan '12
Quoting L the Mighty?!:" LMAO I like the doritos comment. :D Considering she kinda reminds me of Snooki or Tanooki or whatever ... [snip!] ... Snookie. No. HEY At least you have a grasp of proper spelling and grammar! And I think your makeup is lovely! :D"

Thanks love. :D I know she's just jealous. And I love Snookie lol but you don't have to. At least snookie carries herself better than this troll that's for sure.

Ps. Your DD is SO cute!