Breast lift & augmentation *Audra* 2 kids; Charleston, South Carolina 1056 posts
29th Jan '12

after breast feeding two kids, I am fully disgusted at these poor things :( they've been thru a lot

now im truly considering a lift and augmentation.. and even tho my husband says he loves them regardless he wants me to be more comfortable and feel good about myself

how was it for you ladies that went thru it, do you regret anything about it? how was your procedure, recovery, results?

TIA :)

Zoe&Harper's Mom (Em) 2 kids; Alabama 16920 posts
29th Jan '12

my cousin has a reduction with lift and they look awesome and I'm considering doing this maybe next year once I'm done breastfeeding this one. I'm scared about the surgery but she didn't have any problems and the results were really great.

Katie's Bees Virginia 15428 posts
29th Jan '12

My best friend is getting new boobies for her birthday. She only has 1 kid (didn't bf). I have 4, and I did. Mine are tiny piddly little things (nearly A). I'm super jealous. lol

airianaalberto Japan 1 posts
30th Jan '12

Some risks are also associated with the breast lift andaugmentation. but both the procudures are costly. Breast lift andaugmentation is a surgical procedure, so medical complications are also occur.

JasmynSmith2 New York 3 posts
25th May '12

A close friend had her breast augmented after her second baby and she looks great and her confidence has increased twofold. She opted for a small implant behind the muscle, mostly because she still wanted to be able to breast feed should she decide to have other children. I believe she went to Dr. Studin, who pioneered the procedure that places implants behind the muscle, and her surgery and recovery went remarkably well. If you want more information on this type of implant or would like to see before and after pictures, I suggest visiting his site: