MIracle twins :) Jenna + 2! 34 kids; Australia 4387 posts
30th Jan '12

THere was a story on TV last night about these miracle twins Lincoln and Byron. Bryon was almost 3 times the size of Lincoln (1lb and 3lb)
Babies-5479261.jpgHere are my very own miracle twins!
Jaxon (3lb1oz) and Levi (1lb 3oz) (1.5 months in this pic)
P1000131.jpgand this is them today :)
P1040081.jpg11 months old :)

Tricia♥ [+4Boys] 4 kids; Indiana 5818 posts
30th Jan '12

wow, they look the same size now! And soo cute! Congrats mama!

user banned (boy); 2 kids; Fucking, Austria 36337 posts
30th Jan '12

OMG your son's are the cutest!

Hot Southern Mess 2 kids; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 4979 posts
30th Jan '12

Awww they are adorable and look so healthy! Lucky you! my sister has twin boys that are 19 months old <3

P3RvYmCp3rv 2 kids; Carlyle, Illinois 11904 posts
30th Jan '12

AWWWWW!! They are so cute!

drunk faith1 1 child; Alabama 10081 posts
30th Jan '12

Wow, how does that happen? I'm glad your boys are doing well, they're so cute.

CA ♥ 2 kids; Bridgeport, Connecticut 8876 posts
30th Jan '12

They are sooo cute !!!

Sloth clusterfuck, LA, Sri Lanka 106747 posts
status 30th Jan '12

they are adorable!

John Mayer. 2 kids; Modesto, California 21992 posts
30th Jan '12

Oh my goodness, the size difference when they were little! You'd never be able to tell now! They're adorable!

momof2cali 2 kids; Roseville, California 1423 posts
30th Jan '12

They are SO cute :)
How does that happen?/

Jenna + 2! 34 kids; Australia 4387 posts
30th Jan '12

they are still 2kg apart but both fairly healthy now!! the size difference was becasuse they are identical twins and had a condition called twin to twin transfusion syndrome.

Mother of Broccoli. 1 child; California 12595 posts
30th Jan '12

How does that happen?? The first picture the smaller twin is SO tiny compared to his brother. His diaper looks like it doesn't fit him!
OP your boys are SO cute. I love their hair :D

Jenna + 2! 34 kids; Australia 4387 posts
30th Jan '12

this is the story on last night
(not my boys but the story is exactly t he same)

Sara[plus two boys] 2 kids; Ohio 2241 posts
30th Jan '12

that's amazing. so happy everything went well for you :)
and your boys are gorgeous!!

Liam's Mama 1 child; North Carolina 5474 posts
30th Jan '12

They are gorgeous!!