bf &co-sleeping moms ℒipStick Killer 17 kids; Beverly Hills, California 534 posts
Feb 2nd '12

at what age do you recomend to stop??

Snow Storybrooke, ME, United States 34017 posts
Feb 2nd '12

Whenever you're ready.

. , Richmond, VA, United States 75114 posts
Feb 2nd '12

Whenever either of you are ready. :)

Good Queen Bess Due December 27; 2 kids; Ontario 49398 posts
status Feb 2nd '12

I didn't bf, but we co-slept full time until 3 and then we stopped just after she turned 4.

usernametx Texas 19751 posts
Feb 2nd '12

when my child is ready. Definitely nowhere near yet, and he is almost 2.5. I certainly wouldn't imagine him to stop either before 3, even my friends kids with easier going personalities didn't stop at that earlier age either.

NB they recommend you bf till at least 2 years, and naturally kids wean (if not pushed, accidently or otherwise) sometime after 2.5 years. Studies show the longer the better. For cosleeping the research shows it is also positive the longer you go, and in most cultures age 5 is normal for a child to move into his own space. There are books and research and online info out there on this stuff that explain natural human behaviour (as opposed to our recent cultural crap) and the benefits of both. is good to have a read :)

MarissaPayne 2 kids; British Columbia 9950 posts
Feb 2nd '12

Whenever you are ready to stop.

Ma to 4 pumkin pies Due November 12; 5 kids; Rio Grande City, Texas 1815 posts
Feb 2nd '12

I agree with whenever either of you are ready! For us we usually stop co-sleeping at 7 mos but breast feed through a year. My little nursling is 13 mos and still going strong on nursing. About three times a day. I plan to go at least a few more months.