Mommy2Be !!! (: Due May 24 (boy); New York 7 posts
Feb 28th '12

Welcome, it's going to be hard but with a lot of support from friends and family you'll make it :) hope you have a healthy baby:)

Candie*Proud mom of 2! 2 kids; Saskatchewan 412 posts
Feb 28th '12
Quoting Mama♥Sweetpea:" Welcome to BG. Good luck on your pregnancy and raising a kid. It was hard for me at 17 I can't imagine only being 15"

I Agree!

NoahsSuperMom! 1 child; Florida 1429 posts
Feb 29th '12

Hey im 15 with a 4 month advice STAY IN SCHOOL! ..& good luck on BG people can get pretty mean so I hope you have some tough skin! lol

Ella longclaws 1 child; Portage La Prairie, Manitoba 67 posts
May 27th '12
Quoting ciara2212:" Thanks, and it's sierra but they said it was taken so I just went with another way for spelling."

cool :) nie to meet u sierra i'm danielle & i just turned 16 may 12 feel free to message or PT me :)
btw my bestys name is sierra too :) but i call her erra :D