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irritable uterus Judy Pollock Due April 4; USA 4 posts
6th Mar '12

this is my second pregnancy and i have been having alot of pain, contractions, and back pain i am 36 weeks and i was just tols lastnight i had irritable uterus. i am really worried does anyone know what i can do so i dont go into labor earlie?? or has anyone ever herd of this???

_______Nope_________ 23772 posts
6th Mar '12

I wouldn't worry too much at 36 weeks. I mean, if you're really concerned, no cervical checks and no sex will help. Those things irritate the cervix which can cause contractions then, but again, at 36 weeks that stuff is pretty normal.

Judy Pollock Due April 4; USA 4 posts
6th Mar '12

ok thank you so much i just never had this with my first so i was confused about everything

mamadebs Due January 14 (boy); 19 kids; Ohio 5007 posts
6th Mar '12

I had an irritable uterus with my second pregnancy. It was annoying- I had contractions pretty much constantly from the time I was 33 weeks until I delivered at 39 weeks. It's different from pre-term labor because the contractions you are having don't cause any change in your cervix, they are just there to be uncomfortable and annoying lol.