how soon after giving birth can you concieve?TMI!! BG BREAK 17 kids; Colorado 20504 posts
20th Apr '08

just wondering hoe soon after having a baby can you get pregnant again?? It took 3 years for us to get pregnant the 1st time around..but i am starting to have pregnancy symptoms again and I still haven't had a period 3 months after giving birth to my son. The other day i woke up and my fingers were so swollen my wedding ring was cutting into my finger. and theres still a mark. also i noticed that my down there area seems to be a little swollen too..and everything is giving me heartburn

Cho Chang 51 kids; Sherman, Texas 1538 posts
20th Apr '08

After you give birth is your most fertile time....

Our little miracle Emily 17 kids; West Virginia 4506 posts
20th Apr '08

I don't know, but would also like to know this answer. It took us 21 years to have this one and she turned 6 weeks yesterday ... I will be 40 years old in July, hubby is 42. He seems to want another one, but not so sure I do for a couple reasons. My age and we have no help from anyone, so i get all the duties except for a few hours he is not at work. Plus we have waited so long for this one I just really want to shower her with everything possible like love and attention and all.

Jan~mom of 3 hoping for 4 TTC since Jul 2009; 18 kids; Taylor, Michigan 13259 posts
20th Apr '08

Take a test, my sisters sister in law found out she was pregnant again at her 6 week pp visit. Especially since its been 3 months and still no period, i would for sure take a test! Good luck!

My Little Bessie 4 kids; 2 angel babies; United Kingdom 27582 posts
20th Apr '08

i still had preggo symptoms for 6 months after having my son i even felt like i was feeling flutters at one point (turns out it was just wind) i knew i wasnt preg though cause i had periods, if your unsure then just do a test and you can get pregnant pretty much straight away after giving birth some people say the first 3 months you will be your most fertille

Nico & Ava's Mommy 18 kids; Maryland 2856 posts
20th Apr '08

If you're breastfeeding, you might not get a period until 6 months to a year after your child is born. my daughter is 5 months and I still haven't gotten mine yet. But if you are feeling pregnant, take a test. you are most fertile after you give birth! good luck!

~* Mandy *~ 4 kids; Pennsylvania 1631 posts
20th Apr '08

It took me and my bf a lil over two years to get our first little bundle of joy
And then after i had her i didnt get a period... so around 2 1/2 months after having her i got a test done.... and i was pregnant again. I had her on may 14 and due next week with this lil one

s.daud 3 kids; Hamburg, Germany 2044 posts
20th Apr '08

Wow Mandy that was! your kids are gonna be really close when they grow older!

anyway, yea if you are breastfeeding then thats probably the reason why ur not getting your period. I don't think swelling really happens if you're this eatly in pregnancy...or maybe it does...i dumb...anyway! just take a test...and also, i felt sometimes like there was something inside me that was kicking for like two seconds...but im getting my period and everything...and well my stomach isnt hard...its yea...thats another symptom where u can tell whether ur preggers or not...i guess like "expectin trouble" pointed out...maybe it was just wind for

~* Mandy *~ 4 kids; Pennsylvania 1631 posts
20th Apr '08
Quoting s.daud:
Me-shell - 7 7 kids; Guelph, Ontario 7387 posts
20th Apr '08

A friend of mine had 2 children 10 months apart .. so you can get pregnant right after birth.
I have 2 kids who are just less than 1 year apart.

But you could go without a period for a long time if you are breastfeeding.

00000000000000000 Pleasanton, California 1215 posts
20th Apr '08

My Aunt has 2 boys who are literally 9 1/2 months apart! She didn't even wait the 6 weeks before jumping on my Uncle again! It's crazy because for 2 1/2 months eveyr year, the boys are the same age!

Gemma Hassan Due November 3; Japan 1 posts
status 17th Jan '13

my last period was 23rd december 2012 i had my son 7th november 2012, had intercourse on 28th december and have been feeling really weird..... is it really possible to get pregnant that soon boobs hurt back and ribs and belly painful and being sick

Rebecca(Adam'sMommy) 1 child; Beaufort, South Carolina 3251 posts
17th Jan '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting *Erika* aka Miz_pooka:</b>" My Aunt has 2 boys who are literally 9 1/2 months apart! She didn't even wait the 6 weeks before jumping on my Uncle again! It's crazy because for 2 1/2 months eveyr year, the boys are the same age!"</blockquote>

Omg i would die!! At 6mo PP i still dont feel back to my old self.. i would hate to be pregnant that soon again.