Accountability thats me. :) 18 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 3031 posts
status 14th Mar '12

October: 191--3 months PP

March 10th--180
th_mar13th3.jpgApril 10th----Not sure if I see too many changes here. :(
outbound.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fi18.photob June 9/2012--I can see some changes. YAY. *not as much as i hoped for...but soon enough I will be happy. :)
I do know the "lines" of the flaps are getting smaller. :-) YAY for that. lol

First goal by July 23 145-155
Second Goal October 1st 124

March 7th: Upped my calories from 1000 to 1800 (breastfeeding)
Starting weight: 184
March 24th
: First day of the 30 day jump start from The Biggest Loser.
Weight: 178 :-)
April 7th: 177
May 3rd: started Dinner Factory--cook all suppers in one day for the month :)
May 15th : 175 :D :D--- I did gain some of this back...YUCK. I got too confident and started eating chocolate and chips again...thinking, well im not going to gain...BLAH. Wish i diddnt do that, or think that. Ah well, live and learn. :D
July 28: 172 I pretty much stopped breastfeeding my 1 year old. We do breastfeed once a day stil. But I dont mind.
All I keep thinking about is portion control. I can hardly finish a meal, and i have no desire to eat junk food.
I keep reminding myself that weight loss is 80% nutriton and 20% exersize.
So it is okay if I dont get a workout in everyday. Just eat healthy. Also, I love taking the kids to the park, and thats a 30 minute walk, an hour round trip. There are closer parks, but I really like the walks, and plus my 3 year old rides his bike there and back. i want him to be healthy and enjoy working out!!

September 10th 2012--- 170.2 ---YAY--- S;owly but surly I am losing. at this rate I should be 155 (pre-pregnancy weight within 2 months.) It will have taken me 15/16 months to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. Better late then never. *also, I have officially stopped breastfeeding. YAY. So my body is finally ready to let those stored fat storages go. Im one of the few that retains all the weight until breastfeeding is done. Woo Hoo...Not. LOL.

I cant wait til my final weigh in and pictures. Im so excited. Soon it will come!! :) Till then.

*the dinner factory diddnt work out. I would love to still go threre, however, financially it is hard. && besides, its way cheaper to do the same things at home. Its just nice for the convienice of it all. I have been preparing all my own meals, and making double/triple batches and freezing them, so on the days I just feel exhausted and what not, i can just pull the freezer home made meals out and cook them. :)
(20 more pounds!! Come on!! Slowly but surely!!) All, I need to do is keep up the good eating habbits and my body will transform and adapt!!

Kylees Mama 1 child; Faribault, Minnesota 4193 posts
14th Mar '12

Muscle weighs more than fat, so yes, loosing inches is better than losing actually pounds.

CountryMommy 18 kids; Marshall, Texas 4537 posts
14th Mar '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Jazzie343:</b>" Im wondering does it look like I have lost weight? Is losing inches better than losing weight? I have ... [snip!] ... Please no rude comments. I do know the "lines" of the flaps are getting smaller. :-) YAY for that. lol"</blockquote>

I think you look great,keep up the good work.

White Chocolate Milk 1 child; Chelsea, Alabama 12303 posts
14th Mar '12

You can definitely tell you've lost.

Damon Salvatore TTC since Jun 2013; 1 child; 3 angel babies; Christmas Island 7450 posts
14th Mar '12

Shoot, you look better than me. Keep up the good work!
And I always heard BFing helps you lose the weight faster than not BFing would.

Gold 2 kids; Somewhere under Wonderland, VA, United States 38219 posts
status 14th Mar '12

I def notice a difference! Keep up the good work!

D+S+G= ♥ 1 child; Alaska 29968 posts
14th Mar '12
Quoting Damon Salvatore:" Shoot, you look better than me. Keep up the good work! And I always heard BFing helps you lose the weight faster than not BFing would. "

For some women it's opposite. Some women don't loose the weight while BFing.

OP You look great! I can def see a difference! Keep it up!

Eden's mommy :) 1 child; Kenosha, Wisconsin 6364 posts
14th Mar '12

Definitely a difference. Muscle weighs more than fat so that can account for the lack of pounds you've been losing. You didn't look "fat" to begin with really..just looked like loose skin. You're toning up. Keep up the good work mama!

And holy cow.. 11.4 lbs?!!! Omfg.

~*~ Nichole ~*~ 4 kids; Vancouver, Washington 11261 posts
14th Mar '12

I can see a huge difference! Great job!!

.:Stacy Renee:. 19 kids; Ohio 6510 posts
14th Mar '12

You can see a big difference, no doubt. Awesome job!

thats me. :) 18 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 3031 posts
status 14th Mar '12

Thank you everyone. :-)

MegsMegs Abbotsford, British Columbia 452 posts
28th Mar '12

Wow you're looking awesome. There is definitely a big change!!

TabbyA 3 kids; Texas 2218 posts
29th Mar '12

After much dieting and losing weight if you fall off the wagon you will SOOON realize that losing those inches are WAY BETTER then losing weight that you can see on the scale.. I lost 25lbs in 3month and tons of inches.. I stopped all together and gained 5lbs but got ALL the inches back.. :( Even though I'm pretty much the same weight as I was when I stopped working out, you can tell the difference big time I feel just as big as I was before I started losing the weight because I got all the inches back that I had lost.. :(

his*mama TTC since Aug 2013; 1 child; Portland, Oregon 3291 posts
29th Mar '12

Good Luck!!! looks like your right on track.

thats me. :) 18 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 3031 posts
status 25th Apr '12

Do you all see any new changes??