Having the flu and surgical... Brittt [2] Due July 1; 2 kids; Sri Lanka 12442 posts
19th Mar '12

Can I still get an abortion if I have the flu? I have a slight fever, feel nauseas and im not sure if this is from pregnancy but i have an appointment tomorrow and its too late to call and ask

♥Love♥ {5 weeks} Due August 16; 2 angel babies; California 6666 posts
19th Mar '12

Have you taken your temperature or do you just feel discomfort?
edit: sorry just reread the post topic.

Cow. TTC since May 2014; 2 angel babies; Phoenix, AZ, United States 6564 posts
status 20th Mar '12

If you are running a fever they may not do the procedure. when you have a fever your body is fighting an infection, so if you did the surgical you could spike a higher temp and it could lead you into the hospital..