Ellie. 2 kids; Arizona 25439 posts
Mar 20th '12
Quoting bombbfantasy:" When we were looking for places for him to be throughout the day, we went there and the place looks ... [snip!] ... chewed gum like goats, were constantly on the phone. we quickly passed that place up. But my husband signed him up there!"

Yeah.... sleeve tattoos mean nothing. It's a form of art expression. Way to be judgmental.

cfxfdfdfdsfdafdsf Vacaville, California 71166 posts
Mar 20th '12

Your poor husband. : ( he deserves so much better, and so do your babies. Hopefully he'll find a woman that'll stand by his side and actually care for children they birth rather than running off to be with their girlfriend.

and yeah, tats are super trashy, especially trampstamps of a mans name. yuck.

ChelseaLee2006 17 kids; Ohio 46 posts
Mar 20th '12

IMO, I think OP is a troll. It just seems that she/he/it has a different story from post to post. First, it's talking about jumping countries to find "herself", then you look at her profile and it says she's still over there with her husband. Then she posts some "troll like" threads about getting turned on by looking at breastfeeding boobies? or something along those lines. And also has posted MODELING PHOTOS? Who can honestly post modeling photos for moms who already know the backstory on this OP to comment on after everything that's been said and done? And still feel calm and collect about it? THEN, she has vigorously tried to change the story on THIS THREAD multiple times by literally confirming that her and DH were looking for a "daycare" and when someone called her out, she didn't notice for a FEW MORE POSTS, then said "It doesn't matter where I'm at.. my kids still deserve the best.." Sorry but I don't believe this chick. I think she is using this site thinking she is going to gain attention or get some sort of revenue. I think she has an "I want to be famous" aspect and where better to start than a forum where she can gain the attention of many by posting stories that could potentially be false. I don't know. Something seems up with it!