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Mar 27th '12
Quoting ... :/ ...:" Lol, it might but everytime someone says something like that i'd imagine it being in pain etc. I turned ... [snip!] ... the fetus to be moving/alive and whatnot and when it was set on the table and there was no movement it made me think otherwise."

I don't have sound on my computer so I couldn't listen even if I wanted to.I would imagine great pain as well,and I do agree by the time the baby is on the table it does appear to be lifeless.

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Mar 27th '12

Can i just ask what was the OP from the beginning???

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Mar 27th '12
Quoting ... :/ ...:" I think OP said something about injecting something with something and the fetus having to wait 1-2 ... [snip!] ... Once they pulled it all out and sat it on the table next to the lady, honestly it looked like the fetus was dead to begin with."

I've seen surgical abortions.
I've seen 20 week abortions. And none of that happened.

So ...i dunno what to say or what kind of place would do it like that.

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Mar 27th '12
Quoting IMHO:" I can pm you the link if you truly want to see this video."

Sure if you have it. lol
I didn't realize that's why you were asking haha.

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Mar 27th '12

SO i watched the vid.
I don't have here's what i have to say.

That is not a US clinic....nor a hospital. Number one...with so many of these clinics fighting to stay open and stay legal..there's no way they'd let anyone film in one....much less all the pointing and vanna white gesturing.

I dunno where it is...but in the US...everyone in the room but the mother would be wearing surgical gloves. there were a couple people in that room that didn't have gloves on.
Also..they would have been STERILE surgical gloves. Anyone in the medical profession knows that the sterile sets of gloves look different than the ones you just pull out of a box.

They're all folded into a thing and you have to have help putting them on..and they're just different. Usually a different color too.

Anyway. The other thing that tells me that this is probably a propaganda vid rather than a real abortion (As opposed to like..a still birth or something) is that a REAL abortion....the prolifers would want you to SEE the
They didn't show that. Just told you it happened. (And i only know that because it was written along the bottom a couple of times that saline was injected)

So again.

I call BS.

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Mar 27th '12

I have no idea what this was all about but LOL @ "People get so offensive." :D