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Apr 5th '12
Quoting ♥ my little ladybug:" He packed his stuff and left 2 weeks ago. That's the hardest part of all of this. We were both so excited, ... [snip!] ... were both so excited, he wanted to be a family and was "so" excited to be a dad, and then BAM... it's too much to even process."

He sucks. Hes scared and selfish and because of that, YOU have to live with the consequences.

You have no more ties to him now... I personally would move on like he never existed.

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Apr 5th '12

I'm trying, it's just much easier said than done. I loved him, and still do, though I shouldn't after everything he's put me through. I finally built up the courage to take his ring off of my finger a couple days ago. I just wish guys weren't so selfish and unpredictable. It's so much easier for them to forget about something like this, while we have to carry all of the pain and are just expected to forget about it. He wants to be "friends"... I can't even fathom.