Doodles mommy Due July 31; 2 kids; Starke, Florida 1662 posts
Apr 12th '12

Its all in how you represent yourself.

Robert Downey Jr. Zanzibar, Tanzania 16080 posts
Apr 12th '12
Quoting s'smom:" awh! it makes me want another one her getting older. but i dont have a SO so i get to wait longer"

Haha, I like being a single parent better honestly. My friend always jokes that i should just go b******k with some guy at a bar so I can have my kid without the high maintenance of a man.

I don't think I want another one though.

Adriana'sMombie 1 child; Quakertown, Pennsylvania 2113 posts
Apr 12th '12
Quoting Chloe' Weir:" My family is greek. Her name is from the greek goddess of night. Nyx or "Nox". Its from the story ... [snip!] ... Its from the story of creation. I loved it. And Eiravella is pretty much a combination of my brothers' and sister's name. "


My daughter's name means dark and it off a satanic website (;