Breast milk supply... ♥ i.м.α. 2 kids; Arizona 1286 posts
24th Apr '12

I had my son 5 days ago. He was born at 33.5 weeks so he is in the NICU for now. I live about 45 mins from the hospital he is staying in. I have new pumping and freezing my milk and taking it up there when I go visit him. Well everything was going great. I was pumping morethan enough. But all day today I have only been able to pump about 30-35cc, that is both breast combined. Yesterday i was able to pump 45-50cc from EACH breast. What's going on? How do I get my supply back up and keep it up?! I really want my son to be on mostly breast milk but if I don't bring enough in the have to supplement with formula. Any tips? Or advice? Thanks!

Brienna H. 1 child; Medford, Oregon 276 posts
24th Apr '12

Congrats! I have had my supply go up and down as well. Try to remember to eat! and as healthy as possible, drink plenty of water and try to be as stress free as possible (probably hard with your baby in the hospital :( ) And the way I can usually up my production is constantly pump. I will pump till I'm dry then wait 30 min and pump them dry again. Always has worked for me... GL, Oh and I hope your LO gets strong and can go home soon!

White Chocolate Milk 1 child; Chelsea, Alabama 12303 posts
24th Apr '12

Hope your LO gets well soon. Pump like crazy. Make sure you are eating and drinking plenty and just pump pump pump. You may not get much out to begin with but it should help signal your body to produce more.

Mary Stickles Due May 22; 4 kids; Virginia Beach, Virginia 978 posts
24th Apr '12

I have been having same problem its the.stress and not eating and drinking enough...go to a quiet room take deep breaths relax light candles then pump...pump every two to three hours in a couple of days it will increase your supply if not then contact the lactation lady in nicu for help good luck to you and your baby

EpicThunderCat! ; 1 child; Oregon 9400 posts
24th Apr '12

For milk supply take Funagreek, Blessed Thistle, Goats Rue(optional), Brewers Yeast(optional) and pump pump pump pump!

You can take all these herbs together and they are very safe.