who else is due august 22nd? michellecosden Due August 21; Maryland 1 posts
2nd May '12

hi my name is michelle and i an due august 22nd wit my 1st child. i found out april 2nd i am havin a baby boy an get lonely an have no1 to talk to in my area.

mommato2boys 2 kids; Okinawa, Japan 1221 posts
2nd May '12

Look in due date buddies, I'm due aug 19!

Monsters² Mom 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Dahlgren, VA, United States 4679 posts
2nd May '12

I was born on August 22nd :)
My mom always says she hands out a big bravo to moms who are full term during the summer. She always reminds me how it was hell :P

♥Angel's Mama♥ 17 kids; Florida 108 posts
2nd May '12

i'm due August 23rd :D

elissa-grace84 Due September 6; 2 kids; United Kingdom 9 posts
2nd May '12

im dues 7th of september with a baby boy!x<3

dnp87 Due October 6; 1 child; Maryland 188 posts
2nd May '12

My original due date was Aug 22!! They moved it up to the 17th but basically the baby could come any time between those dates. I also live in MD.

Chrissy Gilligan Due March 15; 1 child; Yonkers, New York 107 posts
12th Jun '12

I am Happily married to a wonderful amazing sexy man! I am 29 yrs old and pregnant with our first child and we just found out that we are expecting a baby girl! Her name will be Dawn Marie and our due date is Aug.19th! I am looking for new mommies and mommy-to-be's that I can talk to from time to time compare experiences and just have someone that is going through the same things as I am. This is my first pregnancy and don't really know what to expect so anyone else looking for new mom's to talk with please feel free add me as a friend on facebook as that is my main communication. Simply send me a message letting me know you are from the baby gaga forums so I know to accept the friend request