* Sara * 2 kids; Texas 18864 posts
9th May '12
Quoting [Pay&Trini's.Mama]:" I'm guna go get a test. I've been peeing a lot lately&gaging&feeling just plain gross. And sleepy I have ... [snip!] ... sleepy I have this gawd awful taste in my mouth no matter how much I brush my teeth and even brushing my teeth makes me gag!"

If you don't want to be pregnant, protect yourself next time. You know sex make babies. Good luck.

Nichole Warner Due December 6; 5 kids; 2 angel babies; Torrington, Connecticut 1644 posts
11th May '12

I personally know a woman who had her "period" for her whole pregnancy, didn't even know she was pregnant until...... She went into labor. It was her second child and she was in shock and confused as to how the heck she could not she was expecting. What the scientific research says about weather or not she was actually getting her period idk but every month like clock work she seemed to get it. This also happened to one of my bossess sisters, he got a phine call from work that she was being rushed to the hospitol when he got there they sent him to the maternity floor, confused they told him to wait in the waiting room. Hours later they broght him in and he was handed his nephew. So let us know how the test turns out

Rebecca(Adam'sMommy) 1 child; Beaufort, South Carolina 3251 posts
16th May '12
Quoting mαkαnαni:" If it was a period then you wouldn't be pregnant. We can't tell you. You need to test."

BS. I have a friend that had a full blown period throughout her entire pregnancy. She didn't find out she was pregnant until like 8 months.