Monsters² Mom 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Middle o' nowhere, __, Guam 5310 posts
10th May '12
Quoting *Mrs Cherry*:" I hate cleaning them, I can never seem to get in all the little holes and creases completely clean. What ... [snip!] ... "

'scuse my french, but that is f**king ingenious!

iamdani 1 child; Florida 1967 posts
10th May '12
Quoting Charlie's Lovely Mommy:" Target, CVS, Walmart? Where?? ... [snip!] ... Target, CVS, Walmart? Where??,r:0,s:0,i:80"

Walmart.. babies r us...

Rinnie & Addy B. Due November 1 (boy); 33 kids; Illinois 2420 posts
10th May '12
Quoting Monster's Mommy:" :!::!::shock::D:D 'scuse my french, but that is f**king ingenious!"

except for the fact that it's starched and made of synthetic material so who knows if it's non-toxic or not when sucked on....