Good baby carrier/sling Army Wife + 2 El Paso, Texas 756 posts
15th May '12

Whats your favorite? Can anyone recommend a cheap one, I tried a moby wrap and my daughter HATED being in it

ℕightingale 1 child; Mississippi 7073 posts
15th May '12

Ergo carrier is the best one. I hate the Moby.

crunchy munchy 1 child; Virginia 1764 posts
15th May '12

ERGO! The moby sucked ass. My friend got one on ebay used for $70. I think they are $112 new on amazon.

Fertile Mertile + D & C 2 kids; Sumter, SC, United States 37083 posts
15th May '12

Beco butterfly

user banned Colorado 21030 posts
15th May '12

Moby because they're cheap and easy to make.

Rachie.luv♡ 2 kids; El Paso, Texas 14643 posts
15th May '12


*-CDL-MGB-* 1 child; Tucson, Arizona 38 posts
31st May '12

I use a home made version of the moby wrap and my daughter loves it. did you try different ways to put your LO in it?