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May 18th '12
Quoting Zaelia✰Pearl:" I think she means aiming when they pee, but the first time I read it I saw it as "learning how to aim his first b***r" haha"

i figured lol. it was still very odd.

KidCloudkicker★ Massachusetts 162 posts
May 18th '12
Quoting ♥Frodolicious♥:" Huh, see I thought she was actually going to aim her 17 year old son at some young thing and teach him ... [snip!] ... or teach him what his first b***r is. Is the fact that it's a boy make it so that she's incapable of teaching it some things?"

I feel like I could teach a boy these things, but I guess everyone has different levels of comfort/confidence with different things...

Nichole Warner Due December 6; 5 kids; 2 angel babies; Torrington, Connecticut 1644 posts
May 18th '12

Wow, just wow, to go back to OP I'm just praying my baby is healthy we found out it's a girl but even before hand we didn't wish for any except healthy.