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May 21st '12
Quoting 2012 Marie:" i to would love for there to be an autism forum. The Dr recently told me in February my son might have ... [snip!] ... walked out on us not that long after we found out, he doesn't see him/call or anything, So I'm dealing with this on my own."

I'm so sorry to hear that! If you need to talk I can listen and chat with you! I wish you the best and know that you may be doing it on your own but you are not alone and there are plenty of people dealing with the same issues that you can talk with for advice or just to vent. I am a member of two groups on FB for two different syndromes because one I believe my daughter may have and the other my daughter was being tested for (which came back normal) and I will not leave either group because despite the fact that my daughter hasn't gotten a genetic disorder diagnosis, alot of our children share a lot of the same problems and we can talk about them and how to deal with them.
I hope you can find some support in your community also because I am sure they have groups that you can meet up for playdates maybe for other kids with autism.