being very moody? Amy Lynn07 33 kids; Florida 966 posts
22nd May '12

I was just wondering if anybody has been fighting with their spouse due to being pregnant and your hormones being crazy? If so what is the best way for you to not be so bitchy and let things bother you? Any suggestions will be very greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

Amanduuuh 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Texas 5016 posts
22nd May '12



take a bath... read... sleep... ignore him!!

♥MamaToS&O♥ 2 kids; ., IL, United States 12321 posts
22nd May '12

Well Im not married lol. Me and my ex broke up because of my moodiness! He irritated me at every turn and it got to a point where I ended up telling him to go to hell lol. Well we get along now because I got my hormones all under control. Best thing I did was read and ignore him when he would annoy me.

Livy's and Walt's mommy 2 kids; JACKSON TWP, Pennsylvania 380 posts
22nd May '12

oh my god yes i can go from being insanely pissed to happy in a few seconds and vice versa we just try to stay out of each others way and i go lock myself in the bathroom and take a shower or soak in the tub

Amy Lynn07 33 kids; Florida 966 posts
22nd May '12

Thanks ladies!!! I thought that maybe I was the only one having these kind of problems since I got pregnant.It's nice to know I haven't lost my mind after