teenpreggonsingle Due December 5; Sacramento, California 14 posts
30th May '12
Quoting * Sara *:" Have you looked into talking to a professional? It could really help you. Good luck to you sweetie."

not really I haven't really known I was pregnant doesn't feel that real just found out 3 weeks ago

Peytin Due July 12; TTC since Jan 2013; 16 kids; Sarasota, Florida 687 posts
31st May '12

i had a miscarriage in january 2009. i was 5-6 weeks along. then in mid september 2009 i had an abortion at 8 weeks 2 days pregnant. hardest decision i ever had to make. but probably the best decision i could have made. i wouldnt be where i am today. i am now able to support myself and a uture family. (not saying i couldnt have done it had I kept my baby, but it would be another few years before id accomplish everything). i left the baby's father and have now found the most amazing man. i was able to grow up and experience life. i do think about my baby often, but i know i wouldnt have been able to provide for him or her like he or she deserved.