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12th Jun '12

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Thanks, yes, that's my site. We have a lot of Kangaroo Mother Care here in Cape Town, because Dr Nils Bergman, KMC pioneer is here. It's so wonderful when these tiny little ones are kept skin-to-skin on their mother's chest from birth on. Mommy is there, and she smells right, and feels right, and instead of going into shock like they would in incubators, they snuggle in and start to thrive.

In fact we now have numerous reports of babies who were born dead, but the doctors let the mothers keep their dead babies on their chests, so that they could grieve and say goodbye. When these very tiny little "dead" babies started to move and breathe as they were warmed and comforted by their mother's bodies, the doctors wouldn't believe it. Only it has happened so often now, that they have to! :-)