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17th Jun '12


Dovahkiin 1 child; 1 angel baby; Kentucky 16776 posts
17th Jun '12

You are really not smart.

Mrs Weiss 33 kids; Marlborough, Massachusetts 647 posts
17th Jun '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Olivia Morgan:</b>" so maybe i should be calling u a really dumb b***h for the fact i did see ur pic are u saying u smoke ... [snip!] ... ppl called u out about that.... prob not many cause u smoking weed is way better than me having my baby next week hmmmm yea ok"</blockquote>

Are you stupid ? I don't smoke or anything but I don't know anyone who has had anything wrong with there baby that smoked weed during there pregnancy however i know quite a few who have issues from being born early .

號Bye Bye BG號 Zhongzheng District, Taiwan 468 posts
17th Jun '12

Wow is all I can say,35 weeks is to early your baby isn't ready

silentrankmn Due September 23 (girl); 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Belle Plaine, MN, United States 193 posts
17th Jun '12
Quoting ♥Kylee's Mommyϖ:" Olivia, as these ignorant children obviously do not get that you are not doing anything that will harm ... [snip!] ... immature females prove me right in every way. I am going to go rest as my child and I need it for the up coming big day!! :)"

Sorry...not all of us freaked out, I believe I told her she was lucky to make it this far and despite everything you could ever try baby still isn't going to come until he's ready or induced...I don't think you read through everything lol but at his point I don't blame you - ridiculous isn't it? As long as you keep your "immature female" comment directed toward those who deserve it, and I think that it's fair to include the OP in that I agree, some of the comments are downright stupid!