Flipping Baby? tori x3 1 child; New York 268 posts
19th Jun '12

Has anyone used that technique, or even heard of it?
My "father-in-law" did it to my almost 3 week old & I haven't seen any change in his sleeping. :roll:

Mama Bird of 3 3 kids; Missouri 6686 posts
19th Jun '12

do what now??? O.o

*Ayden's Mommy* Due October 2; 2 kids; Bagdad, AZ, United States 196 posts
19th Jun '12
Quoting 3 Pumpkins:" do what now??? O.o"

:!::!::!: This^^^

TashaMorgan 2 kids; Ladysmith, British Columbia 1814 posts
19th Jun '12

It has to be done the right way. My mom flipped both my kids. It had to be done twice with my daughter. You swaddle them and then flip them head down towards you and then back up slowly.