hey there! Angela Barajas Due November 10 (girl); 19 kids; Buffalo, New York 78 posts
19th Jun '12

so i had posted about my illenss a while ago.
and i went for a checkup a few days later, on the 15th,
well, my blood pressure was really high and i had alot of protein in my urine.
so i was admitted to labor and delivery at 10 am and at 8:27...

4lbs 11oz, 21 inches long.
she was a preemie, exsactly 4 weeks early. but was developed very well, and was born screaming her head off, her lungs were fine. she had a little blood sugar problem and trouble keeping her temp up, but all is well now.

i was released today, about 7 pm.
and she will be coming home tomorrow morning at 10 =]

im so happy, shes beautiful, and she loves her mommy, daddy, and big sister and brother. but mommy mostly. lol

although, the c section wasnt pleasant, and i had a cold and a cough so now evertime i cough... OUCH!

but the percocet isnt bad, lol.

ill post some pictures soon!

Damon's Mama 1 child; Kingman, Arizona 1403 posts
19th Jun '12

Congrats :)