How To Tell Your Parents.. Miss A Due November 15; Bromley, United Kingdom 1 posts
20th Jun '12

Hey guys , i was wondering if any of you teens had any advice when you told your parents you was/are pregnant? im kinda worried there gonna flip out on me and my boyfriend and i have disscussed it but were worried about the reaction ( because im 17 his 18) any advice would be great thanks x

Samilee 3 kids; Greeneville, Tennessee 4899 posts
20th Jun '12

Best thing is just get it out there really. Just be up front, beating around the bush will only make it harder.

Socialist 1 child; Washington 17393 posts
20th Jun '12

You just... Say it.

There's not much to be done.

Blythe. 1 child; Indiana 22259 posts
20th Jun '12

well they are going to flip out on you because that is part of their job. But you just need to suck it up and tell them anyway so you can get the care that you need. They will deal with it

Desiree Dixon Due July 4; 244 kids; Ohio 136 posts
20th Jun '12

just come out and tell them....they will find out eventually anyways.

BαtMαɳ Gotham, __, United States 64858 posts
20th Jun '12

The sooner the better. Might as well get the flogging over with.

CountryMomof3 3 kids; Kerrville, Texas 877 posts
20th Jun '12

I was 21 when I got pregnant and my mom didnt talk to me for 2 weeks after that. Just be an adult and tell them. If they get mad give them space and hopefully they will come around. Thats all that you can do really. Good luck

paula h 1 child; New Mexico 1452 posts
20th Jun '12

I just sat down and told her I was scared but she understood she was upset at first but now she loves her grand baby . you just have to deal with it you made the decision to have sex and to keep the child .

K[♥ E&C] 2 kids; Nevada 25704 posts
20th Jun '12

Best advice, don't hide it and just come out with it. The sooner the better.
Sit your parents down and say you have something important to talk aboutand tell them "I'm pregnant"
What happens after that isn't predictable.

☮Sugar Magnolia 1 child; Indiana 18298 posts
20th Jun '12

Tell them today. "Mom, dad, I'm pregnant"
Don't beat around the bush..

Mrs. Nesbitt Due November 3 (boy); 1 child; Kansas City, Kansas 1894 posts
20th Jun '12

I sent my mom a picture of the pregnancy test with my second. haha.
but me and her are very close, she just responded with, "yours? you're dumb. let me know when your appts are."
and my dad, we are not close at all.. so i waited til i had a sono, and sent him a picture of the baby. all i got was "that's cool"

BAM![Bad ass mommy] 1 child; Zimbabwe 3331 posts
20th Jun '12

I was 19 and married when I got pregnant and still was scared to tell my mom (I told her when I was like 5 months and start showing lol)
If I could do it over, I would have told her sooner. Its so much easier to get it over with. She's going to find out eventually, and she'll be even more angry if you wait until the end and are that much more unprepared.

BreannaRugart Due September 5 (girl); Madison, Alabama 1 posts
20th Jun '12
Quoting Miss Nour:" Hey guys , i was wondering if any of you teens had any advice when you told your parents you was/are ... [snip!] ... and i have disscussed it but were worried about the reaction ( because im 17 his 18) any advice would be great thanks x"

I got my grandmother to tell my parents. Im just now 16. i thought my parents would flip but they cried. thats all.

Abby&Corey+1 Due July 27 (boy); Ontario 14 posts
20th Jun '12

im 19 , i started by saying getting mad isnt going to make it go away or make it disappear lol then i just said im pregnant lol

Skyler*Monroes*Mommy Due August 2 (girl); King George, Virginia 6 posts
20th Jun '12

I bought two bags of my moms fav. candy and pulled her to the side and handed her one. I said "heres one bag...and if you dont beat my ass...I'll give you the other bag" and she said "how bout you just give me both and I kick you're ass anyway" and I just told her "I'm pregnant." At the time I was living with a friend and her mom to finish school and turns out my friends mom had told my mom a few hours earlier(they're really good friends.)

The wost part was when my step dad found out and was very pro-abortion and let me know through screaming that I "NEEDED" and abortion. But I stood my ground through him screaming at me and refused an abortion. But now he understands that an abortion wasnt the right choice for me. My SO and I now own our own home and while we appreciate any help they give us here and there, we really dont need it. My stepdad gets along with my SO now and is pretty excited for his granddaughter to be here.
All in all while it may suck for awhile at first, chances are they will accept it at some point.