Ever feel like... Chels (+1) TTC since Dec 2013; 1 child; Biddeford, Maine 526 posts
24th Jun '12

your boyfriend cares more about his friends then you or you're LO?

or wants to spend more time with friends then family??

Charlie's Lovely Mommy 1 child; Granville, Massachusetts 1794 posts
24th Jun '12

Yes. I do. And I got the f**k out of that relationship. You don't need that.

Milk Monster 2 kids; Arizona 9089 posts
25th Jun '12

all the time, gave him an ultimatum yesterday actually. I told him he can either spend some damn time with is son or he can get his shit and get out. I told him if he didn't get up off his ass in 5 minutes and go spend time with our child that I was going to either pack his shit for him and he can leave, or I can leave and I will NOT come back. He was up in 5 seconds.

ETA: He's my husband though, not boyfriend. He's already been kicked out once this month but was let back specifically to spend time with his son.