Poorrrnnnn Crystal Evanchof Due September 26 (boy); Binghamton, New York 17 posts
26th Jun '12

me and my husband have sex, not as much as before i got pregnant but often enough. but it seems like everytime im sleeping, or gone somewhere and i come back theres always porn left up on the computer.
its kind of irritating, but idk if i should even be mad or just let it goooo lol

Buffy♥ 2 kids; Japan 3741 posts
26th Jun '12

Watch porn with him and then act out what they are doing

KRG29 North Carolina 682 posts
26th Jun '12

I would be pretty Dag on posses if everytime I left the house he was watching porn!

Bethy-Poodles Due November 14 (boy); 2 kids; Prosser, Washington 5867 posts
26th Jun '12

Interesting. There was just a porn post made not too long ago. Seems to be the theme of the day.

♥Mrs.Garcia 18 kids; Houston, Texas 13802 posts
26th Jun '12

I wouldnt care. i watch it when hes not around too lol