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26th Jun '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting ♡Sarah♡ + 2:</b>" Oh thats good! I think eventually the way things are going he'll be able to work or do something we'll have to see though."</blockquote>

I would call your local ss office though and see what all they offer and everything. It never hurts to get the info just to know it. And if you have all the drs reports its very simple to apply for and receive. Best of luck!

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status 26th Jun '12

Thanks everyone! I still have the diagnosing paperwork, I need it for everything it seems so I keep it handy. I'll give the SS office a ring soon.

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27th Jun '12

Yes! There is something I just can't remember what it's called... They have to meet the criteria to qualify (I looked into it and my son has ASD but didn't qualify even the pre-screening

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status 28th Jun '12
Quoting Just Ames:" I don't know if this answers your question but my Sister gets a SS check for my niece every month for ... [snip!] ... disabilities. My Sister works full time and is a single Mother so IDK if that has something to do with it (vs being married). "

I've looked on the SS website and he qualifies based on the prescreening questions, he actually hits all their markers but I still need to call and apply. They take the parents income into account so it will be SO's. I'm not sure if he will actually qualify though. I've heard you have to appeal with ASD a lot. They'll also contact his doctors and stuff so we wont have to do any of that, at least the website says that. Still need to call and clarify though.