Bri&Mav 1 child; North Carolina 531 posts
4th Aug '12

I'm 17 and turn 18 the 27th of this month. I found out July 13th that I was pregnant. It is my first baby. :) it was an accident but I already love the baby with all of my heart. According to my last period, I would be due February 13th. I will find out for sure at my first OB appointment on the 13th of this month! :)

Oh and congrats to everyone! :)

Jeannia Novak Due December 21; Wilmington, North Carolina 1 posts
5th Aug '12

am 20 weeks and 19 and engaged i didt no i was even pregnant till about 3 1/2 4 months i never thought it could be me but i am actually very happy with it and so are my parents i am also glad i have great fsamly also

Dani Lette Dunican Due February 4; Ansonia, Connecticut 2 posts
6th Aug '12

hey im also 17 and expecting my first child soon too :] i am 14 weeks on tuesday and would love to be your buddy :]

CourtneyJoAnn Due January 8; Mt Holly, New Jersey 30 posts
6th Aug '12

I'm 19, Due January 9th, so if all goes as expected, I'll only be a "teen mom" for about 6 days. Lol
Good Luck with your little one though! I know I cannot wait for my baby to get here.

Heather : Due November 1; Madisonville, Kentucky 4 posts
26th Sep '12
I Quoting Allison Ricker:" The thing is I dont care if I refer to myself as a teen mom because it is what it is and if people dont ... [snip!] ... a house they own down the street. I can honestly say I am blessed to have the support I do that most teen mothers do not have"

I love your positive attitude! And that is just what I needed to see tonight! You read on my post... I just turned 18 and my little girl is due nov.2nd. It really is a scary experience, but once you get this far it's pretty much just waiting lol. I don't mind the Teen Mom label myself. It is what it is. My grandmother was married at I strongly believe age as just a number, especially if you can take care of your baby even with support from your family. Just think, there are some 30 year old women who aren't as responsible as some "teen moms".

Kendall Marie :) Due October 27; Newberry, South Carolina 78 posts
27th Sep '12

I'm 19 and 35 weeks and 4 days. :) excited yet nervous not sure what to expect yet but I know we will all be great mommies :) GL to u all best wishes in ur pregnancies