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5th Jul '12


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5th Jul '12

Breast feeding also helps to reduce SIDS and its more important to establish a healthy breast feeding routine. Pacifiers can interfere with that.

ETA: But I was told I could give them after the first 6 weeks.

Tate's Mom Due May 4 (girl); 1 child; Georgia 819 posts
5th Jul '12

I gave my dd a paci day 1 and she has no problems bf at 2 months.

Bug'sMama 1 child; Joliet, Illinois 264 posts
5th Jul '12
Quoting ♥DiscoLemonade:" I've been told that to establish good breastfeeding habits, that I should wait until the baby is at least ... [snip!] ... the sucking motion moving the palate forward or something- So should I wait to let her have one, or give it to her right away?"

if youre breastfeeding do not give baby a paci till 4 weeks. it can cause nipple confusion and will be a pain in your ass to get them to keep breastfeeding.
let baby use you as a paci, it will help keep your supply up.

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5th Jul '12

There are a lot of other things that can reduce the risk of SIDS. I don't know why you have to give your baby one at all. So many people just stick those things in their kids mouths and they are not necessary at all.

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5th Jul '12

I didnt know about nipple confusion, and unfortunately, because I gave DD her paci, she never latched.
Are you co-sleeping?
I got terrified that she was starving and after 5 minutes of fighting her to latch, I popped a bottle into her mouth not even thinking it would be difficult to get her to latch after that.
So paci, bottle, then my nipple. She wasnt having it.

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5th Jul '12

I breastfed my last and gave him a pacifier.

FroggysMommy 1 child; Golden, Colorado 27009 posts
5th Jul '12

I wouldn't give a pacifier at all. Babies don't need one.

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5th Jul '12

Both of mine have had them since day one and both are/ were excellent nursers.

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5th Jul '12

I didn't breastfeed......but there are tons of other things you can do to reduce SIDS. I have major OCD about that, they say Co-sleeping does. I've done it with both boys, a Pacifier, white noise, a fan something keeping the air moving throughout the room, lay them on their back.

There's a bunch of things you can do. They also have a mat that you can lay your child to sleep on and as soon as it doesn't feel any breathing motion, it sounds an alarm to let you know like a fire alarm.

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6th Jul '12

My daughter was given a pacifier at birth due to her being born early and not having the sucking reflex.

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6th Jul '12

i heard nipple confusion is just a myth anyway.. All of my babies took a paci in the hospital after they were born

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7th Jul '12

I keep reading how nipple confusion is a myth.
there was a study that showed hospitals that banned paci's had a huge drop in breastfeeding. So most are going to start offering them again. I wish I had the links. babies are not stupid. one gives them food, the other doesn't. bottle's I can see the problem, they are easy. But a paci? I think it's crap. We forgot and didn't try a paci with our daughter until she was 3 or weeks. we tried 9 different kinds. she HATED them. I was her paci. she was on my b**bs all day/night every day /night lol she even learned to suck and not get milk just to use me as a paci al night.
this new baby I am bring 3 paci's to the hospital and they can kiss my booty!

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7th Jul '12

My pedi told me she doesn't really believe in nipple confusion so I gave my LO a paci a few days after he was born. 14 months later and still BF like a pro. My nipples hurt so bad and he was trying to use me as a paci so I introduced one.