Are cowlicks hereditary? pinback 1 child; Wisconsin 855 posts
8th Jul '12

Just wondering. My husband has one on the right side of his head and my son has one in the middle I just noticed..(he's a little over a week old). I didn't know if they were genetic or just coincidence.

SuperOvulator;♥ ;] 2 kids; North Carolina 9984 posts
8th Jul '12

I think they can be, but I'm not 100%.

akmaldo 1 child; Georgia 2778 posts
8th Jul '12

I'm pretty sure they are..

r a b b i t ™ Somewhere, US, United States 27547 posts
8th Jul '12

Hair growth patterns are hereditary so I'd assume cowlicks are too.

Hocus Pocus Due September 27 (boy); Japan 1096 posts
8th Jul '12

Yes they are

BrandyJ#3 3 kids; Kentucky 673 posts
8th Jul '12

They are actually a part of a curse that started back in the 1800s by a woman (who was secretly a witch) after she became irritated with the young boys who would come play with her cows. Cows show their affection by licking. They lick in a circular motion. She was upset because everytime they came around and got the cows all rattled, they would refuse to give milk. She warned the boys and they mocked her. Soon after she found herself chasing off every boy in town. She knew who the culprits were by the circular mark in the front of their hair. She was sick of it! So one day she met the boys outside to try and reason with them. They laughed. So she placed a curse on them that the next time they played with the cows, they would have a permanent cowlick in their hair that they would pass down to their kids for 10,000 generations. That way everyone would know who to look out for around their farms.

So to answer your question, yes it is hereditary.

Ashley Schulmeyer Due July 29; Japan 2 posts
8th Jul '12

they absolutely are! My 3 kids can prove that!

justanotherchicken Alabama 2402 posts
8th Jul '12

Yup my oldest has my hair and the same cowlick I have, my youngest has his dads hair.

Ashley Mcelvain Due October 29 (girl); 2 kids; Norwich, New York 415 posts
8th Jul '12

I think they are, My son has one towards the back of his head, His half brother has one the front of his head and his father has one the front of his head too. lol

lizzryan 3 kids; Dahlgren, Virginia 1249 posts
8th Jul '12

I'd say they are. Both my boys have really weird cowlicks right by their foreheads.

babyberhow 1 child; Minnesota 329 posts
8th Jul '12

Im a hairstylist, and i have seen quite afew families with the same hair/hairline/cowlick.....unfortunatly that sort of thing does run in the family, but it could come from either parent, so you might get lucky!

Lupin 2 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 10451 posts
8th Jul '12

Definitely in My Family!
In the Exact same place & direction I have Mine, My 2 Kids have one.
My Mom doesn't seem to have it, But My Aunt DOES.