Megan Schleigh Due January 18; Knoxville, Tennessee 6 posts
9th Jul '12

I am not looking for rude comments. If you have one, please keep it to yourself. I am not asking this to receive a definite answer. I am just having fun with it.

3M'smom 3 kids; Illinois 28879 posts
9th Jul '12
Quoting White Chocolate Milk:" Your joking right?? There is no way to even tell from that point of view, and if you saw anything it would just be the cord. At this point I would guess it's a baby."

Maybe she's dead serious. Not everyone knows everything there is to know about pregnancy and babies. Cut a girl some slack.

MommyOf4&1Angel 20 kids; 1 angel baby; Edmond, Oklahoma 1069 posts
9th Jul '12

Is too early to tell. And you definitely can't tell from that picture.

SluttyForHubby Due December 12; 51 kids; League City, Texas 1798 posts
9th Jul '12

Sorry, I was trying to quote someone who wrote it was an arm. Yep, that's an arm and if it was a nub, it'd be girly girly girly. No angle to the dangle.

Megan Schleigh Due January 18; Knoxville, Tennessee 6 posts
9th Jul '12

thanks to everyone who has been polite.

T-jay_SSW 2 kids; Ontario 263 posts
9th Jul '12

You people that are coming in here saying "its too early to tell" and " you cant tell sex from that picture" obviously have NO idea what the "nub theory" is about...

First of all, 12 weeks is a good gestational age to guess using the nub theory... ALL babies have a "nub" before their actual genitalia develops. The nub either then turns into the p***s or the c******s/labia over time and by 18-20 weeks (sometimes sooner) you can get a nice clear genital shot using an ultrasound and a "potty view"...

in the meantime sex can be relatively determined using what is call the "nub theory" which states that a nub that has an angle of 30 degrees or more from the lower spine = boy, less than 30 = girl... The nub in this photo is pretty parallel to the spine which would indicate girl.

Perhaps instead of jumping down someones throat and accusing them of being stupid (pretty much), you should google what it is that they are talking about and educate yourself on the topic first.

This theory has proven to be pretty damn accurate, it was definitely right for my daughter and I have seen it be right for MANY other women as well.

The Time Police 2 kids; Cold Lake, AB, Canada 33400 posts
9th Jul '12

It's not a very clear picture... If that is the nub, I'd say girly.... Here is my daughters nub. Nub theory was right for her.


*Soon 2B G0rda* Due December 24; 3 kids; Mexico 8906 posts
9th Jul '12

If it is the nub i'd say girl

luvmy2grlz&boy! 19 kids; Neepawa, Manitoba 2371 posts
10th Jul '12

Hmmmm .when I look at the picture, I think it is too far up to be where the crotch is. It looks more just the stomach area.

Megan Schleigh Due January 18; Knoxville, Tennessee 6 posts
2nd Aug '12

Sorry that my response is so late, but thank you ladies. :)