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19th Jul '12

Oka so I'm 6 months pregnant and my baby daddy doesnt talk to me all too much. I don't mind it, but when we do talk he always calls me hun or sweety. Or even babe. It still makes my heart race. I don't know what to do, or even think for that matter..

IDGAF ❤ 1 child; San Diego, CA, United States 30556 posts
19th Jul '12

I was like that, hoped we would maybe get back together but that will never happen and he is a shitty father. He hasn't seen his daughter since May, so f**k him. I am over it 100%.

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19th Jul '12

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19th Jul '12
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Gosloving 1 child; Washington 12831 posts
19th Jul '12

Sounds to me like he's just playing, send him to the curve.

Bouta-Bear1994 Due October 11 (boy); Rock Island, Illinois 10 posts
19th Jul '12

I'm in your same boat but you can keep letting him capture your heart and rip it out the next day or you can pick up and go on I'm not saying you will stop loving him over night but start demanding respect and tell him you will call him when you're ready to talk...good luck.

ShawneeRen 1 child; Laddonia, Missouri 13 posts
7th Dec '12

Thank you all for this help. I think he's got the point. He has started telling my frineds he invited me and my daughter to move in with him... I never got that memo. Lol But I found someone knew and am happy as ever!!!